4 Ways to Win at Your Hotel Marketing Game for EMEA hoteliers - Revinate

4 Ways to Win at Your Hotel Marketing Game for EMEA hoteliers

Revinate’s 2021 Hotel Marketing Benchmark Report is Here

In 2021, over 635 million emails were sent by 10,000 Revinate hoteliers. Like every year, we sat down to analyze these to bring you insights into these marketing activities.  

In our Hotel Marketing Benchmark Report 2021 report, you will see details of how these marketing campaigns performed.  

In this post, we have selected 4 key takeaways based on highlights from our Hotel Marketing Benchmark Report for the EMEA region.

  1. One-time promotional campaigns perform well in Europe 

Due to their quick go-to-market time, far reach, and strong results, one-time promotional campaigns are the foundation of most email marketing tactics.

TAKEAWAY #1: With one-time promotions, remember to not rebuild the wheel. Repurpose it! Did you have a holiday campaign that hit it out of the park last year? Why not utilize it again? One-time holiday campaigns, flash sales, and seasonal newsletters can almost always be recycled the following year with just a few simple updates. 

     2. Email marketing was central to connecting with guests in 2021 in Scandinavia 

Hotels in Scandinavia sent more emails to connect with their guests – resulting in a 52% increase in email volume in 2021, compared to 2020. Benelux region wasn’t too far away with a 50% increase in the number of emails sent. 

Over the past two years, many hotels have doubled down on their email marketing as a way to connect with their guests. 

TAKEAWAY #2: Frequent communication with guests helps you share information that your guests may be looking for. Finding the right cadence (how often is good?) and sharing the right kind of information (offers vs useful information) involves testing and evaluation. How often are you communicating with your guests?

     3. In 2021, early check-in/late check-out was the most popular upsell

Comparing 2020 to 2021, In 2020 emails with food and beverage offers performed well and saw a significant number of guests opting for these. 

However, early check-in/late check-out was the number one upsell campaign with 33.39% in 2021.  Upsell campaigns around food and beverages came in at 18%. 

TAKEAWAY #3: To ensure that your guests take advantage of your upsell offers, reach out to them before they check-in when they’re getting excited about their visit. Help them plan – they’ll love you for it. The pre-arrival email is the perfect channel to drive upsell revenue, as Revinate Marketing customers have discovered.

      4. More people are reading their emails on their mobiles 

Across all industries, mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of all webpage traffic worldwide. Against this context, we were not surprised that 29% of emails sent by hoteliers are opened on mobiles. 

TAKEAWAY #4: Make sure that all of your emails are compatible with mobile. Designing for mobile devices doesn’t have to translate into no images. Finding the right email marketing solution will allow you to develop templates and design email campaigns very quickly and easily. 

Ask for a demo of Revinate Marketing to see how easy this can get – we have a drag and drop feature that helps you stay on brand throughout the portfolio, and easily share images and templates across your properties.

More takeaways 

  • Guests are actively looking for information even before they travel. More importantly, they preferred getting this information directly from the hotels to find out what restrictions if any applied during travel and stay.  
  • Guests preferred contactless forms of communication. To cater to this, hotels increasingly turned to technology to level up their marketing campaigns (as well as operations and other functions).

Find all of this and more in our new Hotel Marketing Benchmark Report 2021. View now.

If you want to find out more about how hotels like Van Der Valk Hotel and Martin Resorts won in 2021 by automating and personalizing (both are possible yes!) guest communication across the guest journey, book a meeting with us today!

Get in touch with Neha Born, Director of Sales, or Darya Subotka, Director of Customer Success, EMEA if you need help or have any questions. 

View all of our data in our new 2021 Hotel Marketing Benchmark Report now.