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APAC Hoteliers: How Good is Your Hotel Marketing Score?

Compare your game against other APAC hotels in Revinate’s 2021 Hotel Marketing Benchmark Report

In 2021, over 10,000 Revinate hoteliers sent 635 million emails. We reviewed these emails (like we do every year) to bring you actionable insights into hotel marketing activities. 

With our Hotel Marketing Benchmark Report 2021, you will be able to compare your hotel marketing game with other hoteliers like you. 

APAC is a region like no other. This year in recognition of the specificities of the region, we launched an APAC version of our Hotel Marketing Benchmark Report 2021. 

Here are 5 key takeaways for you to improve your hotel marketing game! 

TAKEAWAY #1: More guests are likely to open your emails with automated campaigns

Hotels in the Maldives saw a 66.8% open rate for automated campaigns. This was double the global average open rate of 33.8% for emails. 

Automated campaigns provide guests with a high-touch experience throughout their guest journey. For hotels facing a staffing crisis, like those in Australia and Singapore, automated campaigns are critical to driving marketing campaign results.  

Your guests are looking for information and they are looking to you for that. If you are short on staff, guest communication campaigns don’t need to suffer. Set up automated campaigns for guests who are due to check in or during their stay. Be sure to personalize your emails even as you automate them. 

TAKEAWAY #2: Guests are likely to click on and book offers relevant to them 

Hoteliers in Australia sent their guests the most relevant offers resulting in the highest conversion rate on average (0.28%) for all of APAC. They achieved this by targeting the right guests with the right offers. Hotels with smaller databases of <5k had higher conversion rates of 0.69%. 

Build the right offer for your guests and they are likely to convert. If you have a huge database, that’s okay. Be sure to segment it as precisely as you can and build an offer for that specific segment. Smaller segments will work best. For instance, presenting a bartending class to guests traveling with children isn’t going to help you win conversions. 

TAKEAWAY #3: Hyper segmentation is key to your campaign performance’s success

When hoteliers segmented their audiences and sent emails specific to these segments, their email campaign performances improved by 425%. Getting the right message across to the right audience is crucial to your marketing campaign’s success. 

Before crafting a marketing campaign, take a closer look at your guests. Identifying the right segment to target takes creativity. 

Building offers after segmenting your audience right is a definite way to success as it will feel personalized to your guests. 

TAKEAWAY #4: Early check-in / late check-out is the most popular upsell offer

In 2020, “Food and Beverages” related upsells were the most popular, but in 2021, “Early check-in/late check-out” was number one with 33.39%, “Food and Beverages” only converted to 18%.

To ensure that your guests take advantage of your upsell offers, reach out to them before the stay when they’re getting excited about their visit. Help them plan – they’ll love you for it. The pre-arrival email is the perfect channel to drive upsell revenue, as Revinate Marketing customers have discovered.

Ask for a demo of Revinate Marketing to see how easy it is to design custom emails-. The drag and drop feature helps keep you on brand throughout the portfolio, and easily share images and templates across your properties.

TAKEAWAY #4: More guests are reading emails on their mobiles

Across all industries, mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of all webpage traffic worldwide. Against this context, we were not surprised that 29% of emails sent by hoteliers are opened on mobiles. 

Make sure that all of your emails are compatible with mobile. Designing for mobile devices doesn’t have to translate into no images. Finding the right email marketing solution will allow you to develop templates and design email campaigns very quickly and easily. 

More takeaways 

  • Building guest loyalty is possible if hoteliers personalize, appreciate, and reward their guests. A continuous, always-on guest communication cycle that touches guests at different stages of their journey is critical to this as well. 
  • Personalized messaging through hyper-segmentation leads to higher open rates, click-through rates, and more importantly revenue generation. 

Find all of this and more in our new APAC Hotel Marketing Benchmark Report 2021. View now 

If you want to find out more about how hotels like Van Der Valk Hotel and Martin Resorts won in 2021 by automating and personalizing (both are possible yes!) guest communication across the guest journey, book a meeting with us today!

Get in touch with Miki Sherry, Regional Director, Oceania, Will Howes, Regional Sales Director, APAC, or Nicole Wiener, Director of Customer Success APAC, if you have any questions. 

View all of our data in our new 2021 Hotel Marketing Benchmark Report – APAC now