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2020 Email Clients & Devices

Every year, Revinate publishes a Hotel Marketing Benchmark Report to provide the industry with actionable and comparative insights from hotels around the world. We analyzed more than 368 million emails sent in 2020 from Revinate’s Marketing customers so that we can provide a unique review for a unique year. Below is a snapshot of the Section 9, Email Clients & Devices.

You can download the full 2020 Benchmark Report for free here.

No email strategy is complete without also understanding how guests view your emails. With so many varying devices and email clients, it’s sometimes difficult to ensure emails render correctly across all ecosystems. More importantly, there are so many it can be time consuming to test every variant prior to sending.

Hoteliers can better optimize their email strategy while maintaining the quality of their content by first understanding the most popular email clients and devices and testing on those.

Revinate solves this problem by allowing hoteliers to preview emails across 28 mobile and desktop clients including iOS, Android, Outlook, and Gmail. Since this is provided right in the builder, it’s then easy to go back and make changes as needed prior to sending.

Quality content that’s rendered correctly is key to conversions. Much like webpages, guests judge emails within just milliseconds of them loading.

When it comes to devices in 2020, despite the global pandemic and stay-at-home orders, emails opened on phones remained strong at 42.0% compared to 40.9% in our 2019 benchmark. Tablets saw a significant decrease to 3.3% down from 11.1%. It’s also no surprise that desktop saw a slight increase from 17.7% to 19.6%.

For email clients, the most popular by far was the iPhone at 37.6% followed by Gmail with 18.9%, and Apple Mail with 15.6%. Surprisingly, Outlook accounted for just 3.6%

Based on the data, Hoteliers should look to optimize emails for both mobile running iOS or Android, and desktop devices with either Gmail, Apple Mail, or Yahoo.


Across all industries, mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of all webpage traffic worldwide. In the United Stats, this figure is even higher at 57%. It’s clear email browsing, shopping, and other activities will continue to shift away from desktop browsers in favor of mobile devices.

Revinate customers saw over 42.0% of guests open email on mobile devices and 3.3% on a tablet. Desktop devices made up less than one fifth of all opens.

Webmail, where email is access via web browser on any device, accounted for 25.7%.

Email Clients

Email clients represent a program or app used to access and manage an email account. Whether it a desktop program such as Microsoft Outlook, an app built directly into iOS devices like Apple Mail, or a web-interface like Yahoo.

While devices can better give us insights into how and where guests might be viewing emails, email clients can give insight into the user experience and software being used. Together, both are important when testing emails prior to sending.

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