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Revinate updates its Terms and Policies

Revinate Updates its Terms and Policies

While legal terms may not be the most exciting update to provide (at least to some), we take both our privacy policy and terms of service quite seriously, and are therefore rolling out some updates to both. Find the new privacy policy here and the terms here.  Our goal here is to move with the times and ensure that our terms reflect the most current needs of hotels and guests who connect through our platform. While security and privacy have always been important to us, it’s also important for us to periodically explain a bit more about our views. And although we hope the updates we’ve made to both docs make them more readable than ever, we’re also providing a bit of a cheat sheet here as well to make the main updates all the more clear.  

One quick point right away that is surely top of mind for all of our European customers (and frankly any hotels who have guests from Europe) is GDPR. GDPR is a fairly sweeping regulation that goes into effect in May 2018. Our teams have been studying the regulations and making various tweaks to our systems to ensure our compliance as a controller when this new regulation all goes live. Prior to that, we’ll be updating our privacy policy and terms at least one more time, but because there’s a bit of time between now and then, we’re doing some catch-up work to bring our terms more current.  

Without further ado, here are some of the bigger changes to be sure to make note of:

Terms of Service

  1. Our products have changed. Many of the changes here reflect the fact that our previous terms were written at a time when our only products were Reputation and Surveys. Today though, Revinate Marketing product has expanded the services we offer significantly.  
  2. We ingest data from third party sources as well as from hotel property management systems. The new terms more clearly explain how we handle data from various sources, who owns the data and what rights Revinate, our hotel customers and guests have in all the data on our platform.

Privacy Policy

  1.              Our updated privacy policy also reflects the changes to our product lineup and simplifies our explanations of how we handle personal data.
  2.              Privacy law is evolving quickly, especially in Europe. The EU General Data Protection Regulation comes into force in May 2018. We have not changed our substantive approach to collection and handling of personal data, but the updated terms describe how our privacy practices comply with some of the new GDPR principles such as pseudonymization of data. As described above, we are continuing to refine our approach to GDPR and will update our policy again as needed in the next few months.