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Segment Emails to Increase Guest Loyalty & Retention

Before joining Revinate, I worked as a Sales Manager at a luxury hotel, I was there when Covid hit the world, and the industry.  I learned the importance of change and flexibility during that time.  I had always thought of myself and my colleagues as flexible, the type who embraced changes and thought outside the box. But this was on a whole different level. 

Working with Staffing Shortages

Suddenly, we all had multiple jobs in order to combat staffing shortages. Not only did I help other departments, I still needed to focus on new promotions and finding creative ways to sell our event spaces like private dinners in our guest rooms, “home-office” space rental and cinema evenings. Being flexible was key, but more importantly, being flexible with our guests was crucial. Their wishes, schedules, reasons for traveling were constantly changing. 

On the Road Again

Last month, I flew again for the first time.  I was excited to receive an email before my flight, reminding me of the restrictions and documentation I would need. It made my travel easier for me.  A week later, I had chosen a different airline for my next trip. Some of the rules had just changed, and I didn’t receive an update from them.  As you may guess, I was missing some very important information in order for me to board the plane. 

Keeping up with Guests & Regulations

I thought about my colleagues back at the hotel.  They constantly receive phone calls asking about travel restrictions. It’s sometimes frustrating, keeping up with all of the changes and the rate these changes are made.  I used to read through the list of arriving guests and email each one separately, providing as much information as I could.  That’s impossible with the current rate of change.  I wasn’t aware of products like Revinate Marketing that would provide me the ability to send these emails automatically based on the guest data I already had. 

Segmentation, Personalization and the Guest Journey

Segmentation allows you to hyper-personalize each guest’s message so it is relevant to them.  Let’s go beyond the current state of affairs and travel restrictions.  Do you know who is traveling by plane and might need an airport transfer, who travels with their kids and will need help with activities or who always stays at your hotel on their birthday, but hasn’t booked their stay yet?  With Revinate Marketing, you can easily segment this information to personalize your guest communications and journey, making sure they make the most out of their stay, earning loyalty and ultimately increasing your retention and revenue. 

I know who I’ll be booking my next travel with, make sure your guests do too!

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