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Top 10 Covid19 Posts of 2020 for Hoteliers

Covid-19 kept the entire hospitality industry on its toes in 2020. As hoteliers closed their doors to tourists and looked for advice on staying engaged with guests and navigating the crisis, they turned to the internet, and our blog, for guidance. Not surprisingly, our most-read articles of 2020 dealt exclusively with Covid-related hospitality trends, including email marketing and expert travel predictions and advice. Here are the top 10 posts of 2020.

4 Easy-to-use Templates for Hotel Coronavirus Communication

As the Coronavirus began affecting travel in early March, we provided hoteliers with ready-to-use templates to help them engage with guests and share safety protocols.

Eight Predictions for the Industry Post COVID-19

It’s always fun to revisit predictions. On April 3rd we published our predictions for the industry post COVID-19. We think we nailed it!

How to Communicate with Your Guests About Coronavirus

By April, room cancellations were rampant. Our experts addressed the problem by pulling together a list of suggestions to mitigate hoteliers’ losses. 

A Round-up of Travel Predictions

By the end of April, reality that Covid-19 was not going to be a flash in the pan was beginning to set in. We scoured the internet to uncover the most popular theories about when travel would recover. Again, we nailed it! 

10 Insights From Cornell’s Industry Recovery Webinar

In early May, hundreds of hoteliers participated in a Cornell University webinar to get the experts’ take on recovery and how to mitigate losses. We shared our biggest takeaways from the session  in this blog post.

The First Thing Hoteliers Should Do About Coronavirus? Stay Calm!

When we wrote this blog post back in March, we might have been a wee bit naive. Our initial advice was to stay calm, protect your staff and encourage guest engagement. It was good advice but truth be told, we had no idea the toll the pandemic would take on the industry.

Hoteliers Share Their Advice for Recovery

As many hotels prepared to reopen at the end of April, we reached out to hoteliers and industry experts to capture advice for moving forward. This article summarized their advice.

Navigating the COVID-19 crisis: Five challenges hoteliers must overcome

Revinate surveyed hoteliers at many points throughout the pandemic. This blog post surfaced the results from our first industry survey to help hoteliers feel less alone in their struggle against the pandemic.

COVID-19 Campaigns of the Week vol. 1

Even during Shelter-in-Place, many hoteliers found creative ways to connect with guests and make their days at home a little bit brighter. We shared some great examples in this blog post.

6 Tips for Writing a Guest-friendly Coronavirus Email

Today, we’re all experts in writing a friendly Covid-19 email. But early in the pandemic many struggled with tone and language. In this post we combed through dozens of emails that we received from hotels and hospitality companies of all sizes to share some best practices.

As we head into 2021, we are honored that hoteliers around the world rely on us to shed light on hospitality trends, predictions, email marketing best practices and news that hoteliers need to know. If you’re not already a Revinate customer, please reach out to book a meeting with us today. We would love to share our solutions for guest feedback, marketing and hotel CRM.