Revinate’s CEO explains how he came up with the name ‘Revinate’ - Revinate

Revinate’s CEO explains how he came up with the name ‘Revinate’

I often get asked about the origin of the name Revinate. Like most things, there’s a backstory there, and as Revinate looks at ten years in business, the meaning behind our name is more relevant than ever.

It was July 2009, the first days of our new company, and we needed to come up with a name that represented what we ultimately aimed to do – build modern and easy-to-use software that solved some of the biggest challenges facing the hospitality industry. Ideally, the name would be a verb, a word of motion, a word of impact. We wanted to help hoteliers drive revenue and dominate their markets. Revenue + Dominate = Revinate.

Next, we asked ourselves, how could we begin to help hoteliers accomplish this? How could we begin to Revinate?

At the core, we found that the hospitality industry was suffering from a significant problem with siloed data. The industry was full of hundreds of systems and data sources, both internal and external, that did not communicate with one another and were not easily inter-connected. We believed more modern data platform companies would emerge to help pull together and analyze other valuable data sets to solve distinct hotelier challenges. At our core, all of us at Revinate knew we’d be a data platform.

Ultimately, we decided that the two biggest opportunities to transform this industry both started with rich guest data. First, using that data to power direct revenue performance and profit and then to drive customer satisfaction, loyalty, and personalized guest experience.

We set out to solve these problems. We would create the Guest Data Platform that allowed hoteliers to build stronger relationships with their guests through personalized and targeted marketing, while also using that data to create better experiences that inspired guests to become advocates after their stay. And that revelation led us to our name.

Revinate was the word we came up with to drive revenue for hotels leveraging their data. We would “Revinate” this industry, by arming hoteliers with a purpose-built system that would help them know, earn and delight their customers directly. And here we are now, doing exactly that. Trust us when we tell you we’ve solved some really difficult data and technology challenges, so you won’t have to. It’s time to move beyond cookie-cutter guest stays and severe channel dependencies. We welcome you to break free, get your business in full motion now with Revinate. Join the Revination, join the Revolution!