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How bringing together guest data launched 1834 Hotels’ marketing transformation


SOLUTIONS USED: Revinate Marketing



Compete against OTAs.


Leverage guest data in email campaigns.


YOY increase in direct booking revenue.

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Meet the customer

“With Revinate, we can finally control the booking journey and drive direct revenue by leveraging our data and marketing directly to our customers.”

Amy Martin-Smith
Business Development Manager, 1834 Hotels

The brand

Based in Australia, 1834 Hotels is an experienced hospitality management company and consultant specializing in the overall management of hotels, motels, pubs, and resorts. Offering a complete “white label” management solution for investors, freehold owners, or leasehold owners, 1834 Hotels facilitates strategic operational, finance, WHS, sales, marketing, and revenue management for hospitality businesses.

The challenge

With more than 25 properties in the portfolio, 1834 Hotels struggled with harnessing disparate data from multiple sources. Without a single source of guest data, the marketing team was unable to segment its guests, derive insights about preferences, or employ email as a profitable marketing channel. As a result, OTAs were winning a large share of bookings that should have come direct.

The solution

In the beginning of 2021, 1834 Hotels became a Revinate Marketing customer. They selected Revinate because of the company’s proven expertise in synthesizing guest data, the platform’s ease-of-use, and its ability to drive direct revenue through automated and personalized upsell offers.

During the implementation period, Revinate successfully brought guest data from across the portfolio together into a single database, finally giving the marketing team the ability to understand its guests and market directly to them by segment. With hotels across the country, they leverage location data to promote local offers or encourage travel with national offers. A one-time promotion for a “City Escape,” for example, drove 537 reservations.

The team leverages Revinate’s automation features to drive revenue throughout the guest journey. They use automated pre-arrival and upsell campaigns to offer guests additional services and amenities, and share valuable hotel information before check-in. In addition to driving direct revenue, these campaigns reduce the amount of calls to the hotels, which the busy staff appreciates.

The results

Revinate has transformed the way 1834 Hotels markets to its guests, allowing them to leverage guest data to drive better engagement before, during, and after the stay while maximizing direct bookings.

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