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Elevating the voice channel: How Thompson Seattle leverages RezForce to improve call conversion



REGION: North America


Increase call conversion.


Leverage trained agents, passionate about the property.


~50% increase in call conversion.

Jordan Kinder Headshot

Meet the customer

“The RezForce Lux agents are tremendous salespeople. They are knowledgeable about the property and know how to sell it. We get the highest conversion on the phones with RezForce.”

Jordan Kinder
Revenue Manager, Thompson Seattle

The brand

With a sleek glass façade offering dramatic views of Puget Sound, Thompson Seattle embodies the beauty of the Emerald City in the heart of downtown. A short walk gets you to Pike Place Market, or you can opt for an off-the-beaten-path gem like the prohibition-style bar Zig Zag Café. The boutique hotel’s 152 luxury rooms and suites ensure you live like a local in modern style.

The challenge

When Jordan Kinder joined Hyatt Hotels in 2019, Thompson Seattle had just implemented RezForce. As a new lifestyle brand in Hyatt’s portfolio, management at the Seattle property sought to ensure Forbes Travel Guide certification standards, which meant paying attention to all aspects of the guest experience, including phone bookings. In addition to reducing wait times, the hotel sought enhancements in customer service. They wanted agents to feel connected to the Thompson Hotels’ brand and come across as experts on both the property and the local area. Finally, the revenue team needed a platform that would enable them to easily review calls to ensure quality standards.

The solution

Revinate’s RezForce emerged as the comprehensive solution to Thompson Seattle’s challenges. By transitioning to RezForce Lux, the hotel gained access to a dedicated team of US-based reservation agents, trained with Forbes Travel Guide’s 5-star certification standards that seamlessly integrate with the Thompson Hotels brand ethos. RezForce both addressed the need for improved customer service and reduced wait times and facilitated a deeper understanding of the property’s unique identity and the local area. The platform’s intuitive interface enabled Jordan to effortlessly review calls, ensuring adherence to quality standards and facilitating continuous improvement in the guest experience.

Moreover, RezForce introduced a new revenue opportunity by empowering reservation agents to add detailed call notes. These notes proved invaluable, particularly in cases where rooms were not immediately booked. Leveraging these insights, Jordan could proactively reach out to potential guests, drawing upon the personalized information to tailor offers and address specific needs. This proactive approach drove an additional $7K in revenue per month.

The results

With RezForce, Thompson Seattle found a trusted partner aligned with their commitment to delivering exceptional service and upholding Forbes Travel Guide’s 5-Star certification standards. The platform’s seamless integration into the hotel’s operations optimized revenue generation and enhanced guest satisfaction, translating to a near 50% increase in call conversion.

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