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Driving guest loyalty with data-driven strategies: The Arca’s path to success


SOLUTIONS USED: Revinate Marketing



Enhance guest satisfaction and foster loyalty.


Effectively leverage guest data in email campaigns.


Driving an average HK$ 117K per email marketing campaign.

Jiho Kim Headsot

Meet the customer

“Revinate Marketing has been instrumental in our quest to deliver unforgettable experiences at the Arca. By leveraging guest data and implementing personalized campaigns, we’ve strengthened guest relationships and driven loyalty.”

Jiho Kim
Hotel Cluster General Manager, The Arca

The brand

Catering to millennial travelers, The Arca is located in the heart of Hong Kong’s Southside. Overlooking the Aberdeen Harbor, the 187 spacious rooms are complemented by a culinary restaurant, fitness center, versatile meeting & event spaces, a rooftop bar, and an infinity pool. Yulan Group’s flagship hotel offers a new breed of hospitality, with a mobilized team that’s passionate about design and dedicated to unforgettable service.

The Arca has recently been recognized with the Bespoke Choice Award – Wedding Venue (Hotel), Best Luxury Contemporary Hotel in Hong Kong Island by 2022 Luxury Lifestyle Awards, Best Contemporary Hotel – Southern Hong Kong by LUXlife, and was selected as the Travelers Choice Best of the Best Hotels by Tripadvisor, ranking among the top 25 hotels in China.

The challenge

The team at the Arca faced a significant challenge with managing guest data effectively. The primary issue stemmed from disparate data silos and fragmented guest information scattered across various systems and departments. This made it difficult to create a unified view of guests, hindering the implementation of targeted marketing strategies. As a result, delivering personalized messages and offers to guests became a daunting task, leading to less impactful campaigns that failed to resonate with individual guests. It was evident the hotel needed a centralized guest data platform to enhance guest satisfaction and foster loyalty.

The solution

Revinate Marketing addressed the Arca’s challenges head-on, offering a comprehensive solution to streamline their guest data. By consolidating data from disparate sources into a unified platform, Revinate Marketing provides the Arca with a cohesive view of their guests, helping the team understand preferences, behaviors, and booking patterns more effectively. This 360-degree view of their guests laid the foundation for targeted marketing efforts to deliver personalized messages and offers to specific guest segments.

For example, the relaunch of the hotel’s Sky bar provided an opportunity to target guests within a 50-mile radius who previously booked direct. With Revinate Marketing, it was a breeze for the team to craft a one-time email campaign with its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. The campaign drove HK$ 325K in room revenue thanks to a 51% email open rate.

A “pink October” campaign (featured right), focused on the same segment, received a 67% open rate and drove 79 highly profitable room nights. The team developed a unique flash sale campaign to further encourage direct bookings, providing incentives based on nights booked. The campaign achieved an impressive 75% open rate and drove HK$ 295K (288 room nights).

In addition to one-time email campaigns, the hotel leverages Revinate Marketing’s powerful automation features to accomplish more with no extra resources. The Arca uses automated email campaigns to engage with guests throughout the entire guest journey — from the booking process through post-stay, freeing up valuable time for the team to focus on other strategic initiatives.

Perhaps most importantly, Revinate Marketing empowers hotel staff to make data-driven decisions. The platform provides valuable insights and analytics on guest behavior, campaign performance, and revenue generation. The team can make informed decisions and optimize their marketing strategies with this data. This data-driven approach provides a competitive advantage by helping the Arca to stay ahead of market trends and adapt strategies accordingly.

The results

With Revinate Marketing in place, the Arca overcame the hurdles of fragmented data and inefficient processes, ultimately enhancing guest satisfaction, driving loyalty, and bolstering their competitive edge in the market. Performance highlights include:

  • Lifetime revenue: HK$ 1.6M
  • Average open rate: 46% per campaign
  • Average room revenue: HK$ 117K per campaign

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