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Do you know what’s in your guest data?

You might know something about your guests, such as when they’ve booked a stay. But beyond confirming their reservation, do you even have the right email address, much less know enough to build personalized marketing campaigns to capture that guest’s attention?

Many hotels already have a wealth of guest data in their property management systems. Unfortunately, the reality is that PMS data is invariably messy. Most hoteliers have no way to access and analyze their data in a way that exposes the valuable insights that will help them take the guest communication and experience to a new level, encouraging brand loyalty and driving more direct revenue.

Aggregate data insights

What hoteliers really need is a way to look at their data at scale – that is, to glean insights about their guests at an aggregate level. I’m pleased to share that Revinate can now showcase this information in a way that will help you better understand your guest data and more easily build targeted campaigns.

Your Revinate customer success manager can review a database health report with you, highlighting not only the number of property-level guest profiles but also how many include email addresses, as well as how many total profiles you’re adding to your database each month.

You can also review email coverage by channel – do you have unique emails for reservations coming through all of your channels? This is extremely useful when you’re trying to identify target audiences for direct booking campaigns.

Email coverage is particularly valuable not only because it allows you to market to your returning guest, but also because it allows you to determine where you might need to introduce SOPs to increase your collection of guest email addresses.

Perhaps you want to know how many of your guests are from a given country or city? By viewing specific data fields, you can glean information to help guide not only your email marketing campaigns, but also your other marketing investments. Armed with this data, you might decide to run a campaign in a particular feeder market to drive more business.

Easy insights to help you target specific audiences

If you’ve never done any targeted email campaigns, and have only been doing generic blast emails, you may be actively hurting your ability to communicate with your guests.

According to a Hubspot survey, while 68% of consumers merely delete unwanted email, 58% of consumers will also unsubscribe, reducing the size of your email marketing database and removing your ability to contact those guests in the future. Even worse, 49% of consumers will mark unwanted email as spam. If your communications receive spam reports often enough, this will hurt your sender score, which affects your email deliverability.

But, if you had the ability to target specific groups of guests based on things they have in common, you could start to tailor your messaging and ensure that each guest receives communications that are personal and relevant to their own interests.

For example, you might want to target female guests with a spa weekend offer. You now have much clearer insight into common PMS data fields like “gender” to know how big a group this is and whether or not you have emails for each profile.

Building a Competitive Advantage

Segmenting your database has just gotten much easier, and can provide you with a serious competitive advantage. Using what you know about your guests helps tailor the guest experience to meet customers’ needs and expectations. As we all know, customer experience directly correlates with revenue growth when it comes to competitive industries (particularly true in hospitality, where the competition is fierce and the customer experience can vary drastically).

We continue to work on ways to improve your ability to understand and engage with your guests, who increasingly expect a more personalized engagement with the brands they buy from. Soon, we’ll be sharing with you some exciting product updates that will help you more easily target, create and automate your campaigns.

To learn more and find out how Revinate can help you understand and leverage your guest data, please contact your customer success manager.

I hope you enjoy – and profit – from this new insight!