2 responses to “The Search Ranking Factor That Your Hotel’s Website is Probably Missing”

  1. Nice post Carolyn, backlinks are indeed still the most important ranking factor.

    You mentioned some great ideas for hotels to get more links and thereby improve their rankings.

    The first step is creating content that is worth being linked to. The second step is to promote that content.

    1. Local partnerships
    • You could find local governmental sites (and none governmental) that have directories of hotels and submit your hotel to these sites.
    • You could find local events that are being held like conferences and try to have your hotel added to there site (possibly offering a discount for attendees)
    • Local universities might also have a section recommending hotels.
    • You could work with local bloggers and have them produce content that would be published on your site.

    2. Outreach to authors and bloggers
    • You could find possibilities to guest blogging.
    • You could find existing list post for example: “most child friendly hotels in Paris” and contact the author to have your site included.

    3. Create a valuable recourse and create a guide
    • Travelers tend to do a lot of research on a destination before booking. You can make their lives a bit easier by creating a massive resource answering most of their questions. This content would be a bit higher in the funnel but you could capture their emails or use retargeting to convince them to book with your hotel.

    4. Influencer marketing
    • Make a list of influencers in the travel niche and contact them to ask if there is any way you could cooperate. Be clear with what you would expect from them and what you are offering in return. For example you would expect: you would expect 12 social media post(Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), a blog post with a dofollow link back to your homepage. The post should be at least a 1000 words. In return you would offer a free room and some cash.

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