Meet a Revinator: Marcos Aruj

Aruj, a software engineering manager, from Costa Rica is a 2x winner of the annual Innovation Week at Revinate. He joined Revinate 7 years ago as a full stack developer and has continued to grow along with the company.

Our Innovation Week gets Revinators from different departments to join forces and pitch creative ideas. One of Revinate’s most anticipated events every year, teams brainstorm, develop and deliver working prototypes to a judges. The winning teams’ ideas are often adopted and developed fully into features and solutions.

Revinate is a global with offices in 3 continents, and people working in several others. We’ve a strong virtual network that enriches the company culture and encourages each employee to meet others who contribute to our collective success.

Every month, we highlight a Revinator so you can learn more about life behind the scenes.

Want to join the fun?

Revinate’s global engineering department is constantly looking for talented engineers like Aruj. Join Revinate’s engineering team where you can learn from industry experts, grow in a fast-paced company, and have fun with your colleagues! View the current openings now.

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