Revenue is right

NAVIGATE 2023, the annual Revinate hospitality technology conference, is our chance to connect with over 350 attendees to network, learn, and grow.

This year, we threw some fun and games into the picture. We played “Revenue is right”. A game where we asked attendees to guess how much revenue Revinate has made all customers across all channels, since we started.

We heard a lot of estimates — from 2.5 million dollars to 2 trillion dollars. The answers varied, but no one landed on the right number.

Since 2009, Revinate has been honing its AI solutions to create data-driven guest communication and produce the most revenue for our customers, and it’s paid off.

Revinate has generated more than $10,400,000,000 for over 12,500 customers since we started serving hoteliers almost 2 decades ago.

We are so thankful to our industry partners and supporters who helped us achieve this milestone. We can’t wait to see how much revenue we can generate for our customers in the coming years.

Want to join in on the success? See how we do it. 

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