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3 biggest guest data challenges, according to hoteliers

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At Revinate, we’re focused on solving the data problem for hoteliers. And, according to the latest study by h2c, a hotel distribution strategy and content marketing service, making guest data useable is the number one CRM challenge that hoteliers across the world are facing. The report, entitled h2c Global CRM & Guest Data Management Study, will be released in early October, but we’ve got a sneak peek right here on our blog. Here are a few takeaways from the report.

1. Hoteliers struggle with making use of their guest data

While all hotels have a good amount of guest data to use, very few feel confident that the data they do have is structured in a way that’s useful to them. This has big implications for the hotel’s bottom line. 

The good news for Revinate customers is that our platform makes using guest data easy. Using machine learning, we allow you to synthesize profiles beyond just name and email to ensure that you’ve got a complete picture of your guest and their stay history. The more data it ingests, the better our platform becomes at matching these records, and the easier it becomes for hoteliers.

2. CRM technology can be difficult for users

Also of note in the report is that the second biggest pain point for hotels is staff lacking the knowledge and skills to use the CRM effectively. No one goes into hospitality because they’re data experts, so having a CRM solution that makes it easy on the users is going to have a direct impact on the effectiveness of CRM. Revinate’s CRM, Marketing, and Guest Feedback platforms are all intuitively designed for ease of use, making it easier to train up new employees for the first time or send an email for the hundredth time. 

Revinate also provides a great deal of content to help hoteliers understand how to better use their technology. We host frequent webinars, certification sessions, blog content and an extensive help desk. We even provide Hospitality Marketing Strategists to help our customers who are looking for more expert help. In addition, we’re one of the founding members of Hotel Tech Report’s Customer Support Certification program.

3. CRMs don’t always provide the functionality hoteliers need 

The third biggest CRM challenge hoteliers face is the limitations of the CRM solution itself. This is a complex issue, but when investing in a CRM solution, first and foremost you want to invest in a hospitality-specific solution. You should understand the culture of the vendor’s company. Is innovation a key pillar of their culture? Are they agile? Will they continue to provide new features and updates that amplify your efforts? Revinate releases new features every single week to ensure that you can do more today than you could yesterday. 

If you’re interested in solving these common hotel CRM issues, sign up for a demo with Revinate.

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