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4 ways to boost guest experience and ROI

Looking for ways to make your guests’ experience better? Preferably in a way that wasn’t time-consuming or cost-prohibitive? It can be hard to stand out among the crowd, but here are a few easy ways to boost guest experience at scale.

1. Send a pre-arrival email to gather guest preferences

Get to know your guests before they even step into your front door. By sending pre-arrival emails, you can help guests to personalize their own experience, giving them a better experience while you drive revenue at the same time. Pre-arrival emails can offer upsells for rooms or amenities like breakfast or early check-in. 

We encourage you to personalize the upsells you offer. Use the data you have to better understand what your guests are looking for and provide amenities that fit those desires. If a wine lover is coming into time, you might provide them with an offer for a bottle of wine. If a family comes in, it may be extra pillows or activities for the kids. 

2. Provide engaging mid-stay offers

Mid-stay emails can be a great way to offer guests’ amenities that they may not have considered. For example, you can offer weekend guests a late check out on Sunday, boosting your bottom line and making their morning at the same time. 

Providing guest experiences, such as tours around local attractions, spas or other exciting activities can be a great source of revenue as well. 

3. Reward loyal customers and those who book directly

One possible answer to the question, “how can I increase direct bookings?” with the response, “reward your loyal customers who booked directly.” While research has shown that people don’t particularly care for points-based rewards, they do respond to the ability to personalize their stays or take advantage of other immediate upgrades and amenities. You might consider sending special offers to those segments of your database. Revinate makes it easy to segment your guests by loyalty tier and send personalized messages just to them.

4. Follow up after the stay

The guest experience doesn’t end when they leave your hotel! Make sure to follow up with them to see how their stay was. Guests will appreciate your follow up and you may convert them into brand advocates. If you’re using the Revinate platform, you can send customizable surveys to gather feedback and encourage your guests to publish their surveys as reviews on TripAdvisor or Google. While not directly revenue generating, the volume of reviews is of the three main factors contributing to your ranking on review sites and research has shown that people will pay more for a well-reviewed hotel. 

In addition to guest surveys, market to your previous guests with targeted offers. The best way to make the most of every guest is to keep your best guests coming back with enticing offers.