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5 Ways Hotel Groups Save Time with Centralized Marketing

As the saying goes, time is money. For hotel groups, this is only multiplied, especially when it comes to marketing to your guests.

We know you face a range of unique responsibilities and challenges as a corporate marketer, manager, or revenue professional. That’s why we created an email marketing platform designed specifically with your needs in mind.

Revinate Marketing equips you with all the tools and expertise you need to become more efficient, productive, and results-driven. Let’s take a closer look at how Revinate centralizes your marketing efforts to save you time…


1. Centralized marketing

Gone are the days of sending email campaigns for each of your properties separately. Our goal is to help make you more efficient, from email creation to measurement so you can generate more direct bookings (with less work!). With Revinate Marketing, you can easily and effectively market to a multi-property database. For example, it’s easy to select which properties should receive a particular campaign, while also estimating send volume and lifetime value of that segment.

hotel groups marketing: centralized marketing - Revinate dashboard example


2. Share email templates

If you see that a certain campaign performs well, you can save it as a template for the entire group to re-use in the future like in the example below. This removes the friction of creating the same campaigns over and over again, and you can be confident that all your marketing communications remain on-brand.

hotel groups marketing: save and share email marketing templates with Revinate


3. Review benchmark insights

For any digital marketing initiative, cross-property benchmarking is key. When you partner with Revinate, you have access to Campaign Performance and Property Ranking Reports (below) to help you compare how property campaigns are performing across the group. And all reports can be easily exported to share in your weekly review meetings.

example of campaign reports on Revinate dashboard

In addition, our Hospitality Marketing Strategists can create database health reports for all of your properties, like the example below. In this case, the group has four properties of different sizes, and Revinate is able to accommodate their various email marketing needs.

group database health report


4. Email marketing automation

Another time-saving perk of Revinate Marketing is the ability to set up automated emails for each individual property from the group account.

Wondering where to start? One of the top-performing automated campaigns is an OTA Winback offer, sent to past OTA booking channel guests. Another top performer is the We Miss You campaign, sent to every guest on booking anniversary date to encourage repeat stays. With these types of campaigns, you can sleep well knowing that your properties continue to generate revenue, automatically, even if you didn’t send a promotional campaign last month.


5. Get advice from a Hospitality Marketing Strategist

Revinate Marketing Pro customers also benefit from access to our team of industry veterans, known as Hospitality Marketing Strategists. Our professionals partner with you on strategies for something as simple as subject lines to more complex database analytics and revenue generating tips. They will quickly become an extension of your team!

Example strategies and tips from Revinate’s Hospitality Marketing Strategists:


Bonus! Qualify for a volume discount

The more hotels, the better. We offer volume discounts depending on the number of properties in your hotel group. Contact us for more information.


In summary, Revinate’s centralized marketing features were created specifically for hotel groups. If you’re running marketing efforts for multiple properties, don’t waste another second to get going!