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Experience 3 major benefits of automated text messaging for hotels

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We live in a world where smartphones have become an extension of our hands, with 85% of Americans now relying on these devices for everything from checking the weather to checking into their hotels.

Demand for businesses to use automated, AI-powered messaging is rapidly rising. And it’s predictably rampant among Millennials and Gen Z. These younger cohorts prefer AI chatbots and messaging over other forms of communication when looking for answers to simple queries.

But even across generational lines, over two-thirds of your hotel guests embrace self-service mobile features during their hotel stays. And 77% of all travelers express keen interest in using automated messaging and chatbots for lodging-related customer service.

The appeal of automated text messaging lies in its trifecta of virtues: convenience, speed, and flexibility. And with 70% of individuals popping open a received text within a mere five minutes of receiving it, it’s becoming a powerful avenue for guest-hotel interactions.

In this article, we delve into the multifaceted advantages of integrating automated text messaging into the hotel experience, using it to enhance guest satisfaction and improve your business operations.

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Elevate guest satisfaction

In the realm of hospitality where every touchpoint matters, embracing automated text messaging isn’t just an upgrade — it’s a passport to delivering unparalleled guest experiences that set your hotel apart.

Because people are so responsive to text messages, this form of communication provides a direct line into the minds of your guests. It helps you not only quickly gauge their opinions and expectations but understand them on a personal level, as they readily share their preferences and interests.

For instance, in an initial correspondence, a guest may mention she avoids gluten. Her arrival at your hotel can then trigger an automated text that surprises and delights her by including a curated list of local restaurants serving gluten-free options.

In addition, think of how you can alleviate frustration with a simple automated message confirming reservations. And better yet, how you can streamline the entire check-in procedure with automated forms and mobile keys, allowing guests to skip the whole front desk hassle and head straight to their rooms to start their vacation fun.

Seventy-four percent of travelers are interested in hotels using AI to deliver more relevant offers. You can customize upsells and deliver the art of personalization at its finest when your automated text messaging solution integrates with your property management system (PMS). This marriage of data allows you to unveil your amenities in a way that transforms a stay into an experience tailored to the individual.

As an example, you can offer a couple on their honeymoon the option to reserve a private candlelit dinner, or let a visitor know their favorite mini bar items will be ready and waiting when they arrive.

Redefine your reputation

The reputation of your hotel can make or break your success. Hotel operators must become proficient at managing guest reviews, especially considering the fact that 93% of people say online reviews influence their booking decisions.

Automated text messaging allows your guests to provide instant feedback throughout their stay with the utmost ease, minimizing the chance of any service mishaps or disappointments. This proactive approach helps you avoid potential problems, and it strengthens the guest experience, fostering loyalty and earning you repeat visits.

Vintage Hotels used the award-winning text messaging solution, Revinate Ivy, to enhance guest satisfaction by delivering automated communication at optimal moments in the guest journey. Ivy provides the ability to quickly gather and respond to guest feedback from text surveys, and the hotel has seen a marked increase in positive guest review scores as a result.

The candid insights you obtain with automated text messaging also allows you to catch wind of any issues before they spiral into negative reviews. A quick text, a prompt response, and guest satisfaction is restored. And with each glowing review, you add another block to the sturdy foundation that shapes and enhances your brand’s positive reputation.

Become an operational powerhouse with automated text messaging

You’re well aware that the scarcity of qualified labor still plagues hospitality, even as many other business sectors have recovered. Self-service solutions, such as automated text messaging, allow you to streamline processes and accomplish more with fewer people.

When you automate your text messaging, the manual toll on your associates is significantly reduced. Guest inquiries that once tied up your front desk staff with phone calls and long lines now find quick resolution through automated responses. Through automated text messaging guests can effortlessly order room service, request amenities, or seek information at their convenience, all without the need for prolonged assistance. It saves time and increases satisfaction for guests and hotel staff alike.

And the ripple effect doesn’t stop there. With features like scheduled texts, auto-responders, and triggered messaging, you can transform time that was once spent repeatedly answering routine questions into valuable moments dedicated to guest interactions. Automation frees up your staff to focus on what really matters — building relationships with your guests.

To summarize, automated text messaging allows you to better align with guest preferences, unburden your staff, and foster proactive engagement that generates passionate brand advocates.

Are you ready to revolutionize your guest relationships and increase loyalty with automated text messaging? Schedule a demo for Revinate Ivy.

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