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Can Contactless Technology Improve Guest experience?

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The call for contactless technology has become a priority in the hospitality industry as hotels everywhere are working to enable their staff and offer a seamless superior guest experience through advanced contactless technology. 

With Covid-19 now a part of the hospitality make-up, travelers are seeking ways to stay safe by reducing contact during their stays. Social distancing has meant self serve check ins, add-ons, upgrades, and check outs. Guests don’t mind a little extra space, as contactless experiences make guests feel comfortable, with 26% of consumers indicating they want digital room keys and 35% expecting contactless payment. Time to match customer preferences!

Types of Contactless Technology in the Market Today 

To successfully implement a contactless stay, hotel owners should be reviewing the touch points of the customer journey from pre-stay to check out. By leveraging advances in communication and intelligent devices, hotels can tailor daily interactions and tasks into contactless activities while improving the guest experience. Just think, contactless bookings, payments, check-ins, and in-room voice assistants. With the help of hotel mobile apps, text messaging, digital kiosks, voice commands, digital concierges, keyless entry, QR codes, non-touch control panels, automated chat bots, and digital wallets, no contact service just got a lot easier.

80% of guests said they would download a hotel app that would allow them to check in, check out, and receive information about the hotel. Communication is quickened and hotels can promote guest amenities, offer browsing for local attractions, and simplify room service without interacting directly with hotel staff. Couple the app with text messaging and you’ve got a self-service powerhouse. Text messaging can be employed to manage one-to-one interactions and link customer databases. Ivy, an AI-powered digital concierge, uses text messaging to respond and interact with guests in less than 1 second! By integrating your text messaging with POS, your hotel can also deploy automated notifications, send promotional messages and trigger alerts. And what better way to construct those key marketing campaigns and alerts than with Revinate Marketing, to capture the attention of hotel guests. Since face to face communication is decreasing, it’s vital for the life of the company to maintain consistent branding, while also remaining relevant and personal to guests. 

During the pandemic, many hotels quickly installed digital kiosks, reducing crowding around the lobby while facilitating interaction without close contact between guests and hotel staff. Add in a digital concierge and you can then handle several guest activities from express check-in, to housekeeping requests, to room service, and stay extensions. Guests enjoy the personalized attention and quick service response. At the same time, hoteliers can automate standard queries such as wifi passwords and towel requests, decreasing staff stress. To further maintain distance, surveys show that keyless entry can often lead to an average increase of 7% in guest satisfaction scores. By offering a keyless service combined with express or online check in, hotels are helping their guests avoid the front desk altogether. Ivy also assists in detracting from the possibility of negative guest reviews because of its need anticipation capability. Now you can address guest concerns, before the end of their stay.

Support for Hotel Management 

The connectivity of contactless technology enables managers to stay in control of guest experiences with ease. Managers are leveraging technology to offer automated responses and gain algorithmic operational support. Go Moment’s digital concierge, when integrated with analytics, monitors what’s happening across properties without being onsite. Request towels at the touch of a button or make a restaurant reservation without contacting ground staff; now that’s smarter. And if you’re thinking more about multiple hotel properties, Revinate’s Multi Hotel is the ideal starting point to wrap every location in a sophisticated package of consistent databases and segments. 

Because it’s both personal and non-intrusive, contactless technology generates additional revenue for hotels. As a result, you can make timely intimate offers by messaging in-house guests about late checkouts and extended stay deals just before departure. Or, send specific, targeted messages based on rewards programs, loyalty tiers, or other special assignations.

Applying an analytical tool to the data from your contactless technology can uncover guest desires. Real-time analytics lets you react proactively, which is why Revinate’s Hotel CRM fosters improved guest relationships by anticipating needs with updated guest profiles. For example, several inquiries about poolside service may indicate a potential rise in demand, which you can meet by deploying more staff in that area for support. Within each profile is a comprehensive consideration of how guest’s book and their patterns of interest. So you’ll know if the pool will be packed or if the complementary breakfast bar needs more vegan options. 

Contactless Technology Benefits For Guests

Today’s guests want hotels to handle their requests with haste. While hotels may be operating with a smaller staff, contactless technology can still ensure guests are not kept “on hold”. Doing so, allows the guest to initiate communication on any device or channel and interact based on their need. This simplifies the interaction process for the guest and puts them in the center of the hotel experience. No more calls on hold, no more busy tones. Revinate’s Reservation Sales lends itself to sales assurance as you empower your team with tools to increase bookings, and ultimately surprise your customers with the ease in which you match their travel plan goals.

How to Implement Contactless Technology in Your Hotel 

To create an authentic contactless experience, hotels must understand every step of the guests’ journey to eliminate the points at which human contact can be replaced by technology. Before beginning, hoteliers and resort owners should evaluate contactless solutions from both the customer perspective and the technology capability. 

Knowing the available technology to fulfill the current need is always a good place to start. You may be considering keyless doors over keycards, but how about facial recognition to open your door instead? Always take a look at all your contactless options before settling on any technology solution. Learn more about how Revinate can be an ally for contactless technology here

{Go Moment was acquired by Revinate in November 2021}

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