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Exclusive Interview with President Director of Tauzia Hotel Management, Marc Steinmeyer

Whether you’re a large organization, a small group managing a collection of independent hotels, or even a single hotel that needs a different direction, launching a new brand is a challenge for even the most seasoned of hoteliers. Since TAUZIA Hotel Management recently launched a new brand, we sat down with Marc Steinmeyer, the President … Continued

[Infographic] Why Some Twitter Hashtags are Totally Worthless

When thing about your hotel social media marketing strategy, Twitter is an essential part of real-time customer service and guest marketing. Hashtags are generally considered integral to the success of any Twitter campaign. Similar to keywords, hashtags were designed to help Twitter users organize, filter, and search for content. They are supposed to help your … Continued

Content Curation: A Hotel Marketing Secret to Time Savings and Engagement

When creating social media and marketing content, many hotels bump up against time, resource, and budget constraints. Content creation isn’t just a matter of locating, producing, or disseminating a certain quantity of information. The quality of the information is also hugely important, perhaps more important than quantity. Publishing content that is valuable to your guests … Continued