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CRM + Surveys a Perfect Marriage

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When I began my journey at Revinate nine years ago, I spent the majority of my time meeting with Operations teams to discuss our surveys and reputation management solutions. When Revinate released its CRM product three years ago, I found myself spending more time with the Marketing departments. Today, as hoteliers recognize the benefits of a CRM that integrates directly with their post-stay survey program, I have meetings that involve both the Operations and Marketing teams. In this article, I will share how Revinate Hotel CRM and Revinate Guest Feedback works together seamlessly and the benefits our customers are experiencing.

Revinate Marketing - arrivals report screenshot

Let’s begin with the arrivals report. This report, produced by Revinate Hotel CRM, allows hoteliers to see arriving guests on any day. This report includes any past guests’ Survey Net Promoter Scores. Knowing that a guest had a negative experience on a previous visit gives your team the opportunity to “Wow” that guest and ensure an excellent experience. On the other hand, your team can also see guests who previously left positive feedback. Upon their check-in, you can thank them for their feedback and make the effort to enhance their stay, as a positive guest returning to the hotel clearly shows their loyalty.

Revinate Marketing - rich guest profile

Within the arrivals report, you will notice that each guest’s name is blue, meaning it’s hyperlinked. When you click on a guest name you are taken to that guest’s rich guest profile. This profile contains a lot of valuable information about the guest and their stay history, including all of the past surveys they’ve completed at that hotel and across the portfolio, in the case of a hotel group. Being able to see how a guest has completed past surveys offers deeper insight into who the guest is, their loyalty to your hotel, and how to enhance their experience.

Revinate Marketing - direct message button

A premium feature included in Revinate Hotel CRM is the “Direct Message” communication. This feature allows you to send a personalized email directly to a guest. For example, imagine you identify a guest in your pre-arrival report that left a negative survey on their last stay. You can open their guest profile and send them a direct message, telling them how excited you are for their stay, acknowledging their previous complaint, and assuring them that this next stay will be great. You might even want to offer a free drink upon arrival as a way to build guest loyalty.

Revinate Marketing - guest segment NPS promoter

For those that are familiar with Revinate Hotel CRM, you already know that Revinate makes it easy to segment your guest data and send personalized email campaigns. One way to segment your guests is by using their Survey Net Promoter Score and isolating ‘Survey Promoters’. Metro Hotels, for example, sent a referral email with this subject line: “VIP Exclusive 20% off! Your code to share with your family & friends”.By leveraging happy guests to spread awareness, the hotel booked 101 room nights.

Revinate Marketing - guest segment NPS detractor

On the flip side, imagine being able to identify every guest that had previously left a negative survey (‘Survey Detractors’) and send them a “We are sorry” campaign with an offer to come back and try the hotel again. This is the essence of marketing and operations working hand and hand for service recovery.

Revinate Marketing - guest segment based on location

Last but not least, with Revinate Hotel CRM and Revinate Guest Feedback integration, hoteliers can segment post-stay surveys by guest type in the PMS. By segmenting guests based on rate code, booking channels or location hoteliers can send targeted surveys to different guests, which creates a more personalized guest experience and richer feedback for your team.

For example, you can send guests who booked through an OTA a special survey to uncover insight around their decision to book direct and what amenities or offers would inspire a direct booking on their next visit. Or, use your spa package or restaurant credit codes to capture feedback about those outlets. Finally, target your questions based on where guests are from to uncover regional differences in satisfaction. With Revinate Hotel CRM, it’s easy to customize and deliver surveys based on PMS data. The possibilities are endless!

Today, Operations and Marketing teams at hotels are working closer than they ever have before. That’s why they are coming together to ensure the best possible solutions for Hotel CRM and Post Stay Feedback. Savvy hotel leaders are working cross-functionally and making this decision together because they recognize the benefits of a unified platform. If you would like to learn more about how our customers are leveraging guest data or see a demo of Revinate Hotel CRM, please let me know. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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