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DACH Hotels Outperform Global Average With Revinate Marketing

In the latest Hotel Email Marketing Benchmark Report, we analyzed data from over 226 million emails to understand the success that hoteliers are having with email marketing. We found that engagement rates are continuing to grow year over year, providing more evidence that email provides the best ROI of all channels in the hospitality industry. 

To better understand how DACH countries are performing with email marketing, we broke down the global data to shine a spotlight on the region.


As DACH hoteliers prove, it’s critical to target your email messages to the right audience to increase engagement. According to our data, segmented email campaigns see a 20% higher open rate, a 70% higher click-through rate (CTR), and 73% higher revenue per recipient than non-segmented campaigns.

As you can see below, emails sent by DACH hotels get more opens, clicks and conversions when sent to smaller audiences.

engagement by segmentation for hotels in DACH
One-Time Email Campaigns

When it comes to sending one-time email campaigns, such as one-off promotions or flash sales, DACH hotels are outperforming the global average. Direct bookings are the most profitable bookings so it’s great to see DACH hotels finding success with these campaigns.

One time campaigns stats DACH hotels

Automated Campaigns

While one-time campaigns are steady revenue generators, automated campaigns typically outperform one-time campaigns on engagement metrics. Our data shows that transactional emails get the highest engagement, with automated booking modifications and confirmation emails getting 72.11% open rates and 25.75% CTR, globally.

Welcome emails sent to guests upon check-in get an average open rate of 50.11%. They also have an average CTR of 15.79% and present a great opportunity to not only set the tone for a memorable stay but also promote restaurants and additional services.

Pre-Arrival Emails

With a global open rate of 60.53% and a CTR of 30.26%, pre-arrival emails are a great way to drive incremental revenue before the guest arrives on property. Hoteliers should continually test subject lines and send times, since these emails have the highest conversion of all emails.

Once again, DACH countries outperform the global average with pre-arrival email engagement, as you can see below. 

pre-arrival emails with upsells statsBooking Window

When it comes to determining the right time to send email campaigns, it’s important to consider the booking window. To determine the booking window across all regions, we analyzed 32 million global reservations.

Globally, 42% of reservations are made 0-6 days before the stay and it’s the most popular booking window across all regions. Hoteliers can use this data to determine the best time to send offers and reminders. For example, if you’re promoting Spring weekend specials, send your emails on Monday to drive reservations for the upcoming weekend. With fewer people booking well in advance, your emails, especially for promo rates, can be sent closer to the dates you’re trying to sell.


Booking window stats for DACH hotels

As you can see, DACH hotels see slightly longer booking windows than the global average. 

Revinate can help you time your marketing campaigns by understanding how far in advance guests book, their length of stay, lifetime stays, and a breakdown by number of nights. Filter by dates to effectively create campaigns in advance for holidays and seasons.

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