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The Future of Hospitality is Now.

Get Reputation, Surveys, and Marketing in one compelling offer

The hospitality industry is at a crossroads: for hoteliers willing to make the leap, this is the moment in history when making the right changes to their guest communication lifecycle will drive huge profitability growth. Hoteliers unwilling to make the leap will be left behind. It’s been eight months since I started as the Chief Product Officer at Revinate, and I’m thrilled to be part of a brand that has industry recognition for product innovation and customer success.

At Trulia, we disrupted the industry by offering services and tools that allowed real estate agents to connect directly with new and existing clients—bringing more efficiency to relationships that had traditionally been entirely offline. These were important changes that rocketed the real estate industry into the digital era. In hospitality, I see a similar opportunity. Here’s the reality: Your guests have high expectations, and as such, reputation and surveys data are important. But, it’s not enough. You need complete coverage of the guest lifecycle in order to move the needle for your hotel’s direct revenue. Once a guest has discovered you through Google or an OTA, has chosen you based on your online reviews, has had a wonderful experience with your property, and has written a glowing review about the experience, what must you do next to capture the lifetime value of that guest?

Revinate Marketing™ is the next-generation answer to a hotel’s future profitability. After all, Google and the OTAs are great ways to get new guests in the door. But, after they’ve already stayed with you once, how do you get them to book again, and book directly with you? It’s about building and taking ownership of the relationship with that customer once they’ve experienced what you have to offer. This is the key to surviving in the digital era, as the OTAs continue to eat into your profits.

This is why we’re including Revinate Reputation™ and Revinate Surveys™ free with Revinate Marketing. We believe these products go hand-in-hand. The unique combination of these industry-leading, award-winning products have completely transformed the way our customers do business—they provide vital functions for hoteliers and information that is absolutely critical to the future success of a hotel. As a result of using our bundled products, Revinate customers are building brand value and guest loyalty with smart, profitable guest segments, and automated, targeted email campaigns. Today, these hoteliers are seeing a strong ROI—many well in excess of 10X.

We are here to help and we’re completely invested in the future success of your business. As such, we’ll cover the cost of Revinate Reputation and Revinate Surveys when you purchase Revinate Marketing, providing you with complete access to our award-winning suite of guest engagement solutions. Let us help you seize the future of the hospitality industry.

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