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This Hotel Group Improved TripAdvisor Ranking for Multiple Properties

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Many hoteliers are still uneasy about the public nature of online review sites. Where guest feedback used to be a private communication between a hotel and its guests, it now exists on dozens of different sites online where other consumers can see it and use it to make booking decisions.

The thing is, times have changed and online reviews are not going away. The best thing hoteliers can do is leverage that feedback data to improve their services. But, did you know it can also help you to be transparent and make even more of your guest feedback public?

How the TripAdvisor algorithm works

By making more of your guest feedback public, the sheer increase in review volume can have a huge effect on your property’s ranking on the TripAdvisor popularity index. This review site in particular has a program that allows for integration with digital surveys, where hoteliers can submit private feedback for review and publication on their TripAdvisor listings.

This is highly advantageous for hotels, because a property’s ranking on TripAdvisor depends not just on the average review score, but also on the frequency and recency of reviews. So, by getting a greater quantity of fresh reviews on your TripAdvisor listing, you can see results very quickly. According to our customer data, hotels that submit a review-style survey answer to be published on the world’s largest travel site see an average improvement of 15% on the TripAdvisor popularity index. We’ve also seen hotels move up as much as 200 places, or more than 75%, as was the case for The Dictionary Hostel.

Because of these positive effects, it can really only help you to make your feedback public on TripAdvisor.

This hotel group increased TripAdvisor review volume by 2.5x

Here’s an example of a hotel group that decided to prioritize its TripAdvisor ranking. ESS Hotell is a management group that creates unique, world-class guest experiences in hotels and restaurants.

Pelle Andersson has been the System Manager at ESS Hotell AB for nearly two years. “Our owner set a goal for us to get more reviews and a higher ranking on TripAdvisor,” he says. To accomplish this, the group signed up for Revinate Reputation™ and Surveys™ for two of its properties, the luxury boutique Hotel Pigalle and lifestyle Hotel Bellora in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The result? Overall, after the properties began submitting their surveys to be published on TripAdvisor, their review volume increased by 2.5x. As a result in less than six months, Hotel Pigalle went from #6 to #3 on the Popularity Index, and Hotel Bellora improved from #34 to #27. Both hotels improved even further following their initial launch: Pigalle is currently #2 and Hotel Bellora is #18.

Of the improvement, Pelle says, “With Revinate Reputation and Surveys, we surpassed our owner’s expectations, increasing our volume of reviews and improving our TripAdvisor Popularity Index rankings. Revinate Reputation and Surveys are an essential solution for our operations, and we plan to expand our investment by rolling it out to our other properties.”

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