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How a Hotel & Resort Leverages Social Media for the Holidays

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During the holiday season, there is a host of hotels, resorts and restaurants running holiday programs and promotions for their guests. While many of these properties have chosen to stick to offering holiday packages bookable through the traditional online channels (e.g. OTAs and direct) there are some hotels that have taken the holiday season guest experience promotion to the next level by integrating multiple social media components into their distribution strategy.

One Revinate client, Destination Hotels & Resorts‘ the Terranea Resort, is a luxury oceanfront property located in Los Angeles’s nearby Ranchos Palos Verdes. Terranea is truly an exemplary resort offering a guest experience that is defined by superlative service, luxurious accommodations and an impressive array of dining and meeting facilities. While each of these qualities is notable to begin with, the resort reaffirms its esteemed position with a social media and online reputation presence that is as top-notch as the resort itself. To celebrate the holiday season, the resort has creatively promoted its “Terranea Traditions” program – which is “a celebration of over 100 events from Thanksgiving to New Years” – by employing a comprehensive, integrated social media strategy to extend the reach and awareness of the program.

Beyond the requisite website landing page describing the program, Terranea has incorporated a series of social media exclusive contests and offers to engage its audience in a more dynamic way and has benefited from some of Revinate’s social media dashboard features along the way. The specific holiday contests the resort has run include:

12 Days of Terranea Traditions Giveaways on Twitter – This compelling offer called for Terranea Resort Twitter followers to pay attention to the resort’s Twitter feed, as each day the resort offered a unique prize to a lucky follower who re-tweeted the message to his/her followers using the hash tag, #TerraneaTraditions. The resort promised followers that the prizes would be tweeted at specific times each day, which made Revinate’s Tweet Concierge a valuable asset when needing to schedule the messages up to days in advance. Also, with Revinate’s tweet tracker and Social Media Searches tool available to Revinators at the property, the hotel is able to easily measure the reach of the #TerraneaTraditions hashtag and, more importantly, evaluate the increase in brand discussion generated over time by the giveaway across all social media, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter various blogs, news and forums.

Terranea Traditions Pinterest Contest: Pin to Win – Earlier this year, we held a best practices webinar on Pinterest urging hoteliers and restaurateurs to engage on the emerging platform. While many hotels and restaurants continue to find the best way to interact in the space, Terranea has discovered an excellent way to not only build up a more engaged audience within Pinterest itself, but more importantly, incentivize pinning (links that direct users to a specific site) that drives direct, qualified traffic back to Terranea’s website. Moreover, by offering bonus points for pins that incorporate past #TerraneaTraditions experiences, the resort gains yet another golden opportunity to leverage user-generated content – a social marketer’s dream – when telling its brand story in the future. In addition, the resort has smartly cross-promoted this contest across all social channels to enhance participation, many of these mentions again track-able through Revinate’s tools. If hotels and restaurants are looking for ways to get inspired about what to do with Pinterest, here’s a great example to follow.

To wrap-up, not only do these efforts provide online visibility of the Terranea brand, but they send more direct traffic to their website and, in turn, provide a potential impact on bottom-line profits. They are text-book best practices in giving brand enthusiasts (fans, if you will) a reason to engage on the social space. Regardless of what the eventual return- on-investment (ROI) is for these campaigns, the return- on-engagement (ROE) is clear. Terranea wins, in the end, as stronger brand loyalty is built, user-generated content becomes more available, and the opportunity to weave increasingly personal Terranea tales about the guest experience for future seasons to come becomes a reality.

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