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How Revinate helps hoteliers battle rising energy costs

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3 ways Revinate can help hoteliers battle rising energy costs and how to apply them at your hotel

The war in Europe is affecting those way beyond the borders of Ukraine. As Skift recently reported, “Russia has slashed the supply of natural gas — which is critical for generating electricity and heat for many European businesses. Energy prices are at historic highs as countries work to boost supply. While European lawmakers promise about $280 billion in relief to businesses and consumers, the crisis appears to be outpacing the planned aid.”

The energy crisis is hitting the UK and Netherlands harder than other European countries. The UK, in particular, is heavily reliant on gas to heat homes. And to make matters worse, the UK has the least energy-efficient homes in western Europe. As a result, consumers and businesses are paying more than they ever have before for electricity.

And hoteliers can’t seem to catch a break. While travel demand is increasing following the pandemic, pricing rooms to both attract travelers and make enough profit to cover inflation and climbing energy costs is a daily challenge for revenue managers. As a result, hoteliers are employing an all-hands-on-deck mentality to get through this crisis.

Finding more energy-efficient solutions for lighting, cooling, and laundry is a main focus for operations teams. They’re looking for better ESG practices, including the use of groundwater pumps and combined heat/power units. They’re also looking at new ways to automate conservation with technology. But these solutions won’t be employed overnight. That’s why we’re sharing 3 ways Revinate can help hoteliers battle rising energy costs.

1. Target on-property guests with a green campaign

Use Revinate Marketing’s segment builder to isolate guests that are staying on property. Then, create an email announcement (or an automated email sent upon check-in) letting guests know how to help conserve energy during their stay, whether it’s turning out the lights when they leave the room, unplugging electronics or skipping housekeeping.

See how easy it is to create this campaign with Revinate Marketing.

2. Leverage Revinate’s text messaging solution to provide tips for conservation

Many hoteliers are using automated text messaging to engage with guests before they arrive and during their stay. You can automate Ivy, Revinate’s text messaging solution, to ask guests whether they would like tips for traveling green. If they respond positively, let them know how they can do their part to conserve energy while at the hotel.

3. Reward guests who waive housekeeping

Upon check-in, ask guests whether they would like to waive housekeeping to keep their carbon footprint low. If they agree, surprise and delight them with a small amenity delivered to their room, such as homemade cookies or chocolates. This small gesture not only drives loyalty, but also shows your guests that you care about their experience and appreciate the sacrifice they are making.

Now’s the time to take action on battling rising energy costs

Now, it’s time to evaluate what you can do at your hotel to manage rising energy costs. If you want to implement some of these ideas at your hotel? Reach out to learn more about how Revinate Marketing and Revinate Ivy can be used to engage your guests and reduce your energy costs.

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