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8 Key Metrics to Track for Email Marketing Performance

Time and time again, email proves to be one of the most helpful marketing tactics out there. Email also happens to be one of the best sources of data for marketing analytics, giving you endless amounts of valuable information to track and analyze. Data means very little and won’t help you improve your marketing efforts if you aren’t looking at what it is doing for your business.

Be more effective with your email marketing strategies by using data to measure your ROI more accurately so you can learn what works for your hotel and what doesn’t. Take a look at these 8 key metrics to start seeing how your email marketing plan is performing!


Key Metrics for Performance Tracking

1. Total opens: Opens show how attractive your subject line and overall campaign theme are. If you aren’t getting any opens, it may be due to a poor subject line or an uninteresting theme. On the contrary, a large number of opens probably means you should continue what you’re doing.

2. Unique opens: Unique opens will tell you how many individuals are opening a specific email for the first time versus total opens which includes multiple opens by one user.

3. Bounce rate: According to a 2017 study by Campaign Monitor, you should aim for a bounce rate of less than 2%. A bounce rate higher than 2% means you should consider stripping down your email to the most important parts. A bounce rate higher than 5% is a huge red flag.

4. Click rate: If users are clicking on more images and videos than text-based links, for example, consider changing your email content to be more visual so it is better optimized for your audience’s preferences. The best way to increase your click rate is to create a campaign that is geared towards the recipients, and diving into your PMS data will help you figure out what they want to see based on past behavior. 

5. Email client: Know what email client your guests are reading their messages. For example, Gmail has a 50-character subject line limit, so keep it short. If mobile devices are more popular for your hotel, format content to fit on a smaller screen.

6. Device used: Mobile usage is increasing at an unbelievable rate, so make sure the links in your email (and on your website) are responsive on mobile. You also have to consider the length of your text, especially subject lines, on smaller screens.

7. Unsubscribe rate: An unsubscribe rate of below 0.5% is ideal. If you have a high unsubscribe rate, think about what you need to change. Compare an email campaign with a high unsubscribe rate to that with a low rate to find the difference(s) and change as needed. Look into the guest data from your CRM system for more insight on whether it is a content or segmentation issue.

8. Conversion rate: A call to action (CTA) button is essential in generating a high conversion rate. If the conversion rate is low compared to the performance of other metrics, make your CTA bigger, bolder, and more clear.  

Tracking these metrics will give you a better idea of how you should be measuring success and how that aligns with achieving your goals. Knowing how your hotel marketing efforts fare in these important performance elements will help you improve in various aspects such as subject lines, copy, design, targeting, and more. Once you know which metrics are falling below the hospitality industry average, you can tailor your goals to move you in the direction you want your property to go. 


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