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Lessons from Black Friday/Cyber Monday

It was so exciting to see so many of our Marketing customers participate in what I like to think of as the Email Marketing Olympics, otherwise known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We had a lot of talented athletes out there but like in any sports competition, there is always room for improvement. Below I’ve outlined a few tips to make your Black Friday/Cyber Monday offers even more effective, so next year, every single one of you can bring home the gold medal.

Tip #1 – Be fearless

Don’t be afraid to hit your database hard. There is a lot of noise during that time, so you have to be the loudest if you want to be heard at all. That’s why I recommend sending a series of email campaigns to promote your offer:

  • Monday before Thanksgiving. Send an anticipation email, letting folks know that your Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale is coming. If you have time, have a landing page ready.
  • Thanksgiving Day. Reveal your Black Friday or Cyber Monday offer and remind folks that the sale will start soon.
  • Black Friday. Use strong calls to action to get sales immediately.
  • Cyber Monday. Similar to your Black Friday ad, get sales right now.
  • Tuesday after Cyber Monday. Send a sale extension offer, earning a few more hours or days of sales.

If the above is a bit too aggressive for your taste, at the very least you should be sending the anticipation email, Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday email and a sale extension offer.

Tip #2 – Be aggressive

Subscribers are receiving countless offers on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, If you want to stand out from the crowd, you must be willing to offer something that is sure to get their attention. Otherwise, there is no point in even playing because you’ll just get overlooked. Be aggressive with your offer. This sale should be one of your biggest of the year — bill it as such.

Tip #3 – Be clear

Again, subscribers are being inundated with emails, so don’t make it hard for them to figure out what it is you’re selling. The recipient shouldn’t have to look past the headline to see what the offer is. Don’t bury the deal, instead have it leap off the page.

Follow these three steps next year, and you’ll be Black Friday Email Marketing Champion!