Making the most of your data with Revinate - Revinate

Making the most of your data with Revinate

2020 was a challenging year for hoteliers and the travel industry as a whole. With border closures, stay-at-home orders, social distancing, and new health policies and procedures, the industry was pushed to the limits, just to survive. But we also learned some valuable lessons about the importance of innovation and the need to adapt to the “new normal”. 

The pandemic forced hotels to stay agile and prioritize connecting with their guests. In 2020, we saw hotels move to subscription models, promote workations, give balcony concerts, and offer long-term stays in order to stay open and afloat. Covid-19 also drove hotels to take their service to the next level. We witnessed hoteliers using the data that they have collected over the years in innovative ways to connect with past guests and keep them informed. 

Segmentation became extra important during the pandemic because of how much travel changed in 2020. The explosion of last-minute travel due to the unpredictable changes in travel restrictions unleashed new segments and personas. For example, a new segment emerged that traveled from as far away as 300 miles to take a ‘workation’. Another example is the new luxury segment that is looking for some pampering after saving so much money during 2020 in lock-down.

Many hotels turned to Revinate during the pandemic, because we give hoteliers the ability to use their data to drive revenue. With Revinate Marketing, hoteliers can easily identify segments within the database and personalize messages to these groups to drive revenue and improve the guest experience. Here are just some of the tools that Revinate provides to help hoteliers win with data:

Guest Preferences: It’s very simple for Revinate Marketing customers to embed a link in their campaigns to collect information about a guest’s preference. Once the guest responds, the data is saved in that guest’s rich guest profile, which is featured on the arrival report so that the operations team can go above and beyond to delight the guest and make their stay memorable.

Quick and easy email templates: Revinate’s new composer allows a campaign to be created and sent within minutes. With pre-populated templates and easy set-up, hotels can send out targeted, well-built campaigns to guests with an extremely short turnaround time. This is a great way to fill unsold rooms for an upcoming weekend, for example, focusing on the local market.

Segmenting Guest Database: A seamless connection with the PMS allows hotels to quickly segment their database based on attributes from, but not limited to, rate codes, demographics, markets etc. and connect with the guests based on their preferences

Real Time Data and Reporting: When a campaign goes live, it’s imperative to track the performance of that campaign and whether or not the deliverability, click rate, open rate and revenue generated is on target. In addition to providing tools to A/B test elements of your campaign, Revinate also gives you access to real-time campaign data so that you can not only track the performance of your marketing efforts, but also make immediate changes to improve your performance.

revinate marketing gives you real time data and reporting

Rich Guest Profile: All hotels struggle with the cleanliness of their database. One common issue is incomplete notes fields. Revinate’s rich guest profiles allow you to see all the data about the guest in one snapshot, including their lifetime stays and spend at all hotels within a group. You can also see their engagement with different campaigns (at both the group level and hotel level), their preferences etc.

Another common issue is duplicate records. To eliminate database dupes, Revinate’s newly launched AI feature, Advanced Profile Synthesis, identifies similar guest profiles and merges them based on different data points to clean up the data. With machine learning, the tool understands how two profiles could be the same person when the name is spelled incorrectly but the email address is the same or the email address may have a letter missing etc. 

Revinate's newly launched feature, advanced profile synthesis

Quick and Simple: Revinate Marketing provides a quick and simple way for hotels to consolidate their guest data from various systems into one place and then use that information to make informed decisions. All data is stored in the cloud, in one place, and is GDPR-compliant. The platform is extremely user friendly, which ensures it can be used by anyone at the hotel, regardless of technical accuity. 

To learn more about Revinate Marketing and how it can help you leverage the data you already have, please reach out.