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Hotel Email Marketing: 50% of emails opens on mobile

A few years ago, mobile optimization was an afterthought for most digital marketers.  Now it has leaped to the forefront of most digital marketing strategies, and for good reason as about 50% of email opens happen on mobile devices.

Email mobile optimization simply isn’t something you can ignore. To help get you started, we’ve put together some essential tips on what you can do to create mobile-friendly emails.


Why it’s important to go mobile

Today’s users are becoming increasingly mobile. According to eMailmonday, 8 in 10 email users will likely access their email accounts exclusively from their mobile devices by 2018. Mobile email opens have grown by 180% in the last three years.

Adestra found emails that display incorrectly on mobile get deleted within three seconds by 70% of recipients. As many as 15% may unsubscribe. If recipients can’t see your emails correctly and quickly, then you’ve lost your chance.

Moreover, according to eMarketer, we’re only a few years away from mobile travel sales surpassing desktop travel sales:

Hotel email marketing: 50% email opens on mobile

A Yesmail study also found that mobile email conversion rates grew 70% in just one year, while desktop conversion rates fell across the board.

Mobile optimization is a big thing to dive into, and these numbers show just how crucial it is.


What you can do to be mobile-friendly with your email campaigns

Creating mobile-friendly email campaigns is not as intimidating as it may seem. First and foremost, the key to mobile emails is brevity. With less space, you have to be conscious of your content and layout. Your goal is to create a fast and frictionless experience.

Many of our email marketing tips are also best practices for rendering well on mobile.

  • Subject lines: The ideal character length for your subject line on mobile is 41 to 70 characters. This is for the most common Gmail user on an iPhone in Portrait mode. Your subject line is the reason behind a high open rate, so make sure you give yourself the chance to succeed on mobile, too.
  • Preview text: When you open your inbox on a mobile device, you’ll see a preview of the email text below the subject line. Since your recipients’ eyes land on this content first, make sure it’s what you want them to see. In the sample screenshot below, the preview text is the third line of text in each email preview.
    hotel email marketing mobile view
  • Text: Your body text should be no smaller than size 13. Your header should be a minimum size of 22, but the bigger, the better. Ensure that the text color contrasts dramatically with the background color to make the right elements pop.
  • Images: Don’t have too many images or too much text – find the right balance. The best text-to-image ratio is 60% text, 40% images. The campaign below is a great example of the ideal ratio.
    the plaza hotel email campaign exampleIf the images are too big, they’ll take too long to load. Some devices also don’t show images by default, so it’s ideal to have alternative text to describe your image, just in case.
  • Call-to-action (CTA): Avoid using links at all costs and don’t stack them. They’re difficult to click and require zooming in and out. Instead, have a bold CTA button that is the optimal size of 57 x 57 pixels, according to an MIT study.

    Additionally, to make contacting you easy, link to your front desk or concierge contact number like the below example. The option to directly call the phone number popped up after clicking on the number in their footer.
    the allison inn and spa email campaign

  • Design: Although you want your emails to be eye-catching, focus on functionality. The small screen size limits the number of design elements you can have, so keep it simple and easy to navigate with a single-column layout. The email should be no more than 600 pixels wide.

    Include the essential information at the top of your email. Make it easier on the eyes by breaking up text blocks with enough empty space between text. Follow our rule of thumb: You should be able to say everything above the fold – the part of the email the recipient can see before they have to start scrolling.

Last but not least, don’t forget to work with your booking engine provider on mobile optimization. Every aspect of your booking process needs to be updated as well.


Revinate’s mobile preview functionality across browsers including Gmail

Revinate Marketing offers a mobile preview option to its email marketing customers. You’re able to see how your email will look on different browsers as well as on mobile devices of varying sizes.

This way, you can adjust your formatting and text to ensure your emails are optimized for different devices. Take a look at the Revinate Marketing dashboard previews below:

email previews on different mobile devices, web browsers, and desktops

You can preview what your email will look like on a variety of mobile devices, web browsers, and desktops.

preview of an email on smartphone dimensions

This tab offers a preview of your email on smartphone dimensions. On the right is an example of the email on an iPhone 8 Plus in the Gmail app.

desktop and tablet previews of an email

You can also take a look at the desktop and tablet views in our preview option.


Mobile optimization is now

If you aren’t mobile-friendly, make sure it’s the next task on your to-do list. By ensuring your emails reach the right people in the way that you want, you’re increasing your chances of leading your recipients down the conversion funnel.

If you are interested in partnering with Revinate Marketing, please reach out to us.