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ORM and On-Site Surveys Success: DiamondJacks Casino & Resort

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DiamondJacks Casino & Resort in Bossier City, Louisiana aims to be the complete weekend experience for the whole family. With 571 rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, an attached casino, and a video arcade for the kids, the hotel’s goal is for everybody to have an unforgettable stay. “Our staff works really hard to proactively engage guests. The ultimate goal is to have our guests leave happy and come back again and again,” says Ala Zikra, Director of Hotel Operations. “We really thrive on repeat customers,” he adds.

Before using Revinate, DiamondJacks used Survey Monkey to capture guest feedback. The hotel had a link on its website that drove to the Survey Monkey site to provide answers to a short, seven question survey. Zikra got a weekly report on responses but since the survey link was not private or limited to past guests, anyone who visited the hotel’s site could click the link and take the survey, compromising the data integrity. “One of our biggest needs was a way to ensure the accuracy of our guest feedback,” says Zikra.

At the same time, DiamondJacks was also struggling to keep up with the management of its online reputation. With dozens of different online review sites, the hotel staff found it impossible to keep up with all of them. Zikra says, “We were spending an inordinate amount of time visiting different review sites and responding to reviews. I was looking for a way to reduce the amount of time I spent and drive more value from the exercise.”

To get more accurate survey results and to save time managing the hotel’s online reputation, Zikra signed up for both Revinate Online Reputation Management and On-Site Surveys. “The thing that I like most about the Online Reputation Management platform is it takes reviews from all over the internet and puts them in one place,” says Zikra. “My managers save hours of time each week with Revinate, which allows us to spend our time more efficiently. And, now I have access to sentiment analysis to understand exactly what my guests love on property, and where we need to improve. In addition, I can also see my competitors’ review data and compare our results to theirs.”

Since using Revinate, DiamondJacks is capturing more guest feedback than ever before

DiamondJacks (blue line) review frequency compared to its competitors (red and yellow lines).

As for On-Site Surveys, Revinate’s iPad solution for collecting guest feedback, Zikra’s front desk managers prompt every guest to complete the survey. Zikra notes that he is getting much more information about the property and the guest experience than ever before, which helps the hotel improve its service and operations. In fact, 48% of the hotel’s guest feedback is now coming from On-Site Surveys:

Another element of On-Site Surveys that Zikra is impressed with is the ability to customize his survey for his guests. “The fact that I can tailor the questions to my hotel is very important because every hotel is different. I want the feedback to be as targeted as possible. People get really specific in the free form field, which is great,” he adds.

Zikra also loves that Revinate gives him the ability to access information on the go via its free mobile features and app. He says, “When somebody completes  the On-Site Surveys, I get an email within 90 seconds to tell me that I have feedback. I can also access everything from my phone, from my iPad, and from my laptop. It doesn’t matter where I am, I can always tell what’s going on.”

Ultimately the ability to respond quickly in service recovery scenarios, and the drastic increase in feedback volume is paying off for the hotel. “We are finally able to get the feedback that we need to decide where to invest time and money,” says Zikra. “Because of Revinate, we have the data to make operational changes based on real feedback from guests. Quality information is highly valuable when you’re trying to be smart with your budget.” Ala Zikra and the staff at DiamondJacks Casino & Resort look forward to further successes with Revinate’s products.

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