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Revinate Security & Agile Development (ITB Now)

Choosing a CRM partner is one of the most important decisions a hotelier will make. As Revinate’s CEO, Marc Heyneker explains, “Your greatest asset is your data. But your greatest liability is also your data.” At ITB Now in Berlin, we aired a webinar hosted by two Revinate executives, Karen Stephens and Jason Standiford, about how Revinate protects a hotel’s data and why we lead the market on innovation. Watch the short video clip to learn more.

To ensure that Revinate customers don’t fall victim to data breaches, Revinate takes data security incredibly seriously. To do so, we follow all security best practices and leverage AWS’s services, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Relational Database (Amazon RDS), and Amazon Elastic Search Service. These solutions allow us to easily scale while ensuring the highest level of security in the industry. Here’s what our security looks like at a high level:

Because Revinate is a cloud-based, modern and secure platform, hotels can focus on what they do best – managing guests – and leave the technology maintenance and upkeep to the experts. 

Being cloud-based means we can handle data in higher volumes so we’re able to scale and grow alongside your business. With Revinate, your core guest data platform can not only technically scale to meet the needs of a growing portfolio, but incremental hotels will be easy and fast to launch and you will have full visibility across all assets’ performance.

Being cloud-based also allows Revinate to feed all of your data across your entire portfolio, including your guest feedback and marketing communications, into the cloud to create rich data profiles. This gives you complete visibility across your entire database and it allows us to tap into the type of processing power necessary to use machine learning to power highly sophisticated profile synthesis methods that help our customers have the cleanest, most comprehensive and actionable data. In other words, it allows us to do all the fancy things we’re loved for.

But we’re not just about bells and whistles. Revinate is also committed to ensuring customer compliance with all data privacy laws. Hoteliers that use Revinate Marketing can easily understand what types of data they have, what uses of data guests have approved and how best to interact with them. These capabilities can help hotels address obligations from regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). And, we’re SOC2 compliant.

When it comes to development, the Revinate Product and Engineering teams work in two-week sprints to ensure fixes and new features roll out all the time. That means that customers continue to get new features throughout their lifecycle. To get a sense for what that means, look at all these major new features that rolled out during a nine-month period in 2020. So while there were legacy CRM providers ahead of us when we launched Revinate Marketing in 2015, our agile development philosophy made us leapfrog the competition and now we lead the market in innovation.

Security and agile development are just two of the reasons why Revinate is the favorite marketing and CRM solution for management companies and brands. Another reason is because Revinate provides a consistent platform across your portfolio, ensuring that the data, data formatting, tools, controls, reporting and metrics are all uniform. As a result, it is easier to manage and run a large portfolio at scale. With a brand-wide database, groups can see best/ most valuable guests across the entire brand, and easily cross-market to them. 

Revinate is also easy to deploy and intuitive for any user, meaning that hotels are up and running fast, ensuring that you can experience the value and returns of our platform as quickly. And, unlike other software solutions that require IT support to manage, Revinate is cloud-based and requires no technical oversight, freeing up your IT resources to focus on other, revenue generating projects. Clear permissions-based roles ensure that the right people have access to the data. And, a separate view for HQ provides just the right amount of reporting and oversight.

Also, our reporting allows groups to easily manage down to any property, while managing up to owners and management with comprehensive and automated reports that show the results of the full portfolio, and any hotel in it, as a stack-ranking across any key metric. This saves an incredible amount of time, and enables teams at all levels to work fluidly on further tuning results and performance together.

Want to learn more? Click here to watch the full webinar and continue to watch this blog for Part V of this series about Advanced Profile Synthesis.