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Revinate Success Story: Parc 55 Wyndham

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Parc 55 Wyndham hotel is a 1000+ room property located in the heart of San Francisco’s bustling shopping and business center. The hotel caters to both business and leisure travelers looking for luxurious accommodations in a prime location. Parc 55 Wyndham is managed by a subsidiary of Highgate Hotels, L.P., a management company that takes online reputation management very seriously. In May, 2010 the management company did a review of their reputation management solution mandated at the property level. The previous solution, ReviewAnalyst, was replaced by Revinate at its 30 hotels, including Parc 55 Wyndham.

Rob Robinson is the Director of Operations at the property. Once he saw Revinate, he was very pleased with the switch. He says, “Revinate really is a one-stop shop for managing a hotel’s online reputation. I can easily monitor what is being said and track our success against the competition. The software is easy to use, comprehensive and includes better features than we had with our previous solution.”

Rob uses Revinate daily to manage the hotel’s reputation. He responds to all negative reviews from within Revinate and appreciates how easy it is to engage on the review sites and OTAs. And his efforts don’t go unnoticed. He often hears from guests that they are impressed by how closely the hotel monitors its feedback and how quickly staff respond to reviews. This attention to detail has been a factor in new bookings.

Rob also uses the Revinate Scorecard and Trend Analysis features to report on month-end standings and share successes with the team. The Keyword Analysis report has been instrumental in providing insight into issues at the property. He says, “It’s really helpful to be able to see the words that come up most often in our negative reviews. This report has been instrumental in identifying trends and taking care of operational issues that were negatively impacting our guests.”

Julia Schurman, Sales and Executive Office Manager, is another key Revinate user at the property. She manages the social media program at Parc 55 Wyndham. She says, “I am in Revinate every single day to see who is talking about the property on social media sites and across the Web. I use TweetConcierge to see what people are saying about our property, our competitors and San Francisco in general. It’s so easy to quickly navigate from topic to topic and engage.”

In addition to using social media to drive loyalty by welcoming guests that tweet and to surprise and delight active social media users that she knows will be on site, Julia has proven that attention to social media pays off financially. She says, “The hotel won a substantial piece of business from Twitter. I had posted pictures of our meeting space and a planner looking for a hotel venue saw them, contacted sales, and booked with us. Real business is being done on social media today and it’s great to be at the forefront.”

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