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The Importance of Automation in Hospitality Marketing

Many of the recent technological innovations in business have focused on automation. Automation helps businesses save money by eliminating errors and reducing the amount of time and employees it takes to perform simple tasks. In this blog post, we’ll explore three of the ways that Revinate has helped hoteliers by developing automated solutions, specifically for the hospitality industry.

Automation in Customer Relationship Management Systems
Modern hoteliers use CRM to manage their guest database. While we may take CRM automation for granted, it provides incredible benefits, including time and cost savings by storing all your data in a single location. In addition, when all your data is brought together into a single database you can easily visualize the data.

With visual reports it becomes easy to understand your customers and make better business decisions. For example, you might find that most of your customers reside in a certain region, making it more cost effective to advertise in that region. Or, you might discover that over the last year you have had more families staying with you so creating family-focused promotions might drive increased bookings.

When guest data is added to your CRM, especially a modern one like Revinate Hotel CRM, a couple of things happen. First, the data is automatically parsed and displayed in a way that gives you insight into each guest. You can see loyalty information, preferences, engagement data and more. Second, Revinate automatically begins looking for duplicate data and sorting it out. We call this automation ‘profile synthesis’.

Your CRM should be constantly working to eliminate dupes in an effort to maintain the cleanest database possible. Revinate has developed technology to synthesize the existing profiles using machine learning to dedupe and organize the profiles for later use. The result is a database that actually reflects your guests, allowing you to market to them to drive loyalty and revenue.

Automation in Email
Once customer data is added to the CRM, it becomes available for marketing automation. Revinate Marketing makes it easy for hoteliers to automate emails that get sent throughout the guest journey, based on data stored in the CRM.

With great data, you can easily segment your guests and send high personalized emails that are proven to drive bookings. For example, during the pandemic, Revinate Marketing allowed hotel marketers to isolate past guests in the drive-to market and send them promotions around stay-cations and workations, which provided a lifeline while waiting for shelter-in-place regulations to end.

Most customers use Revinate Marketing to automatically send out we miss you emails, birthday emails, pre-stay emails, on-promise emails and post-stay emails, saving incredible amounts of time and resources since the email just has to be created once and then is sent based on triggers or steps in the guest journey.

Automation in Post Stay Feedback

There is nothing more valuable to hoteliers than feedback. It not only helps them ensure that their services and amenities are meeting and exceeding guests’ expectations, but it can be used to drive new bookings. In the old days when feedback was paper-based, collecting and analyzing post stay feedback was time consuming and resource-heavy. Today, the guest feedback process can be fully automated, eliminating the need for a dedicated resource.

Revinate Guest Feedback is a fully automated feedback management platform that automatically requests feedback upon checkout then aggregates and analyzes the data, saving time and eliminating mistakes that would occur in a more manual process.

Revinate even automates the process of syndicating feedback to drive fresh content on TripAdvisor or Google. Hotels can automatically send guest survey data to the review sites, helping to improve their ranking and drive new bookings.


Revinate’s hotel guest software aims to improve hotelier’s lives by providing the automation they need to save time and money. Looking to benefit from automation and do more with less? Reach out to Revinate today for a demo of our automated solutions for Hotel CRM, Guest Feedback and Hotel Marketing.