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2021 Review

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2021, like the year before it, was a pandemic year. We faced
continued government restrictions and travels bans that kept
both leisure and business travelers away.

Despite this ,
review volume increased 20% over 2020 with
60M new reviews
. Globally, across all review sites and OTAs,
the average review rating was at 4.2 (out of 5).

2022 is already proving to be better. A majority of hotels are
bracing themselves for travel booms even as they want to
delight guests. The key to success will be focusing on
programs that will help you maximize for profitability. 

"I am thrilled to present the Revinate Reputation Benchmark
Report, 2021. We have also gathered tips and insights for you to improve your guest feedback scores and online reputation."
Raj Singh

CMO @ Revinate


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