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Unlocking the Potential of Our Improved Custom Dashboards

We’ve been busy this year with many new enhancements to our custom dashboards. From scheduling PDFs, to sharing dashboards, to new metrics specifically designed for hotels in groups. Our flexible feature just got a whole lot more powerful.

Here at Revinate, we know that information is power. In a data-driven world, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of key metrics about your hotel’s performance. That’s why we’ve spent the past year enhancing our custom dashboard to offer even more analytics-based insights to our customers, driving more informed decisions and making daily operations simple as possible in your busy day.

So what have we done since we last spoke? Well, first, we listened – to you, our customers. Time and time again we heard the same theme – I love my dashboard, but how do I share it? How do I show my colleagues the key metrics we care about most, without wasting time doing repetitive tasks?

We’ve introduced two new features that tackle these and many other use cases head-on. First, you can now schedule a recurring PDF export of your dashboard. Just click on the clock icon in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard and indicate when you’d like to receive it. Best of all, just like the exports from the All Reviews and All Surveys pages, you can send to multiple recipients or to a specific folder via FTP – daily, weekly, whenever you like:

Next, for those of our customers who are administrators in corporate groups, we now allow you to create a custom dashboard and assign it to all of your properties. This means you can configure a custom dashboard with all the metrics and widgets you want your properties to focus on, and share it with all of your property users. Then, when they log in to Revinate, they’ll see their new dashboard, so you can rest easy knowing they’re focusing on the most critical metrics and tracking goals set by corporate. These shared dashboards can also be scheduled for export. For help on how to configure and assign a dashboard to your properties, please check out our Help Desk.

Finally, we added an easy way to get benchmark data against your corporate group’s average. Think you’ve got a great review rating at 4.5? What if it turned out, the rest of your portfolio averaged at 4.7, and you ranked quite poorly against other properties? When you create a custom widget, you now have the option to compare against your corporate group or your brand’s average, and see how you rank on that metric within the group:

An administrator of your corp account must first enable this feature by contacting their Customer Success Manager or sending a request to support@revinate.com. Once the feature is on, you can add the benchmark to any of the metrics available in the custom widget. No more guessing how you stack up in your portfolio.

So take our new features for a spin! Create a widget with our new benchmarking, and track your performance against your corporate group. Set your dashboard up for daily exports that send PDFs to all of your team members (and print one while you’re at it to take to your daily standup meeting). Corp users? Share a dashboard with your properties, and never wonder again what they’re focusing on. Who doesn’t like one less thing to worry about?

Share your thoughts about the new dashboard features! Comment below, or send an email to deniz@revinate.com.