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Direct booking triumph: How Pacific Hospitality Group’s marketing strategy drove $13M in direct revenue


SOLUTIONS USED: Revinate Marketing, Revinate Guest Feedback, Revinate Ivy

REGION: North America


Drive direct bookings


Personalization, segmentation, and direct booking incentives


$13M in lifetime direct revenue within a year of launch

Meet the customer

“Revinate instantly gave us a centralized hub for our guest marketing efforts. Before, efforts were siloed. We are a year into our journey with Revinate and seeing our guest database grow with a measurable shift in our direct booking strategy.”

Marc Winchell
Corporate CRM Manager, Pacific Hospitality Group

The brand

Pacific Hospitality Group (PHG) is a leading force in hotel management and investment. Embracing a strategic long-term vision, PHG focuses on both owning and operating hotels and resorts across the United States, cultivating value for investors and fostering expertise within its management teams. With a diverse portfolio encompassing branded and independent properties, PHG leverages the strengths of legacy brands while fostering innovation through its independent resorts.

Notably, the Meritage Collection, a hallmark of PHG’s independent properties, features iconic lifestyle destinations such as Ko’a Kea Resort and The Meritage Resort and Spa. PHG’s commitment to excellence and innovation resonates throughout its portfolio, offering guests unforgettable experiences in sought-after destinations.

The challenge

Pacific Hospitality Group campaign image

Before implementing Revinate Marketing, PHG faced several challenges with their guest database and email marketing strategy. This included difficulties in tracking revenue generated from guest marketing initiatives. Moreover, PHG’s former tools lacked the agility and user-friendly interface needed for the fast development and execution of targeted campaigns. As a result, their ability to personalize guest experiences and effectively capitalize on upselling opportunities was limited. Additionally, without robust segmentation capabilities, PHG struggled to adequately tailor their messaging to different guest segments, resulting in less successful marketing campaigns.

The solution

With Revinate Marketing, PHG Hotels found a comprehensive solution to their challenges, allowing them to improve guest engagement and drive direct bookings. Once Revinate Marketing was selected as the new email marketing and guest database solution, Marc Winchell was brought on board to help drive the marketing strategy at the corporate office and support the properties’ campaign efforts.

Revinate’s robust platform provides Marc and the on-property marketing directors with the tools they need to integrate personalization into their campaigns. The platform’s user-friendly interface and streamlined workflow allowed PHG to quickly create and execute campaigns, enabling them to capitalize on upsell opportunities and drive revenue growth.

For example, Koa Kea Hotel & Resort sends an automated pre-arrival email to guests 14 days before they arrive (featured right). Guests can browse special offers and amenities to personalize their upcoming visit. The property has driven more than $78K in revenue from this recurring email, achieving a 57% open rate and 25% click-through rate.

In February 2024, PHG implemented its two-tier loyalty program, Stay Golden, by utilizing loyalty tiers in Revinate. The program enables the effective collection of guest data as part of enrollment, leading to improved database health and accurate emails for better campaign conversion. Marc leverages the tiers in segmentation efforts, providing member perks through Revinate’s automated upsell campaigns. In addition to getting 10% off their stay and being able to select their own reward before checking in, the highest tier of guests are the first to be notified of promotions at the properties. For example, a Renovation Sneak Peek campaign for The Meritage Resort and Spa drove $107K in room revenue, with a 35% open rate and 2% click-through rate on the campaign.

Before guests check-in, Marc uses Revinate Ivy to recognize loyalty members and encourage others to enroll. The SMS campaign has been an effective way to get guests’ attention and further the brand’s direct booking efforts.

PHG takes segmentation a step further by categorizing campaign recipients based on loyalty tiers and geo-location. This targeted approach is particularly effective for guests visiting Napa properties from in-state. Local guests receive notifications about hotel events and are enticed to extend their stay with special offers. This strategy has proven highly successful, as local guests are not constrained by flight change fees, resulting in strong conversion rates.

Marc recently introduced an automated cart abandonment drip campaign for Pasea Hotel & Spa to win back guests who abandoned the booking process. This campaign has driven $250K in room revenue, with a 66% open rate and 8.3% click-through rate — far above the industry average.

Revinate’s detailed analytics and reporting functionalities provide PHG with valuable insights into the performance of their marketing initiatives, allowing them to track revenue attribution accurately and optimize their strategies for maximum effectiveness.

The results

Revinate has quickly proven its value at PHG. In just one year of using Revinate, PHG has achieved impressive results:

  • Lifetime revenue: $13M within one year of launch
  • Average room revenue: $14K per campaign

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