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Personalization Leads to Higher Engagement and ROI for Abbey Beach Resort

HOTEL TYPE: Independent

SOLUTIONS USED: Revinate Marketing

REGION: Oceana


Putting the individual guest at the center of every communication


Automate the customer journey with personalized communications


156X ROI

Meet the customer

“Revinate’s Segment Builder has allowed me to target much more effectively which has resulted in higher email open rates and clickthroughs, with a decrease in unsubscribes and bounces.”

Rebecca Bogner
Sales & Marketing Manager

The brand

With a B.A. in Business Administration and a diploma in Hotel and Resort Management, Rebecca Bogner is now a Sales and Marketing Manager. Her commitment to Revinate Marketing has helped tremendously in taking on new responsibilities, such as revenue management.

The challenge

The shift from guest services to sales and marketing required a new way of thinking. “You have to think about what the customer wants and needs so you know how to best market to them,” says Rebecca, so she decided to bring on Revinate Marketing. The ability to automate and segment campaigns allows for more diverse and effective marketing, as she can now consider the needs of her individual customers and put them at the center of every communication.

The solution

Rebecca loves how easy Revinate Marketing makes segmenting her PMS data. For example, guests who’ve stayed more than a designated number of times receive a special series of emails for pre-arrival, on-property and post-stay. She also sends winback emails if they book through an OTA. Other valuable segments include guests of the VIP program, past guests, and corporate travelers. On the contrary, detractors receive a personal email from the general manager or other staff, and they often respond personally to promoters, as well. Moreover, the display of revenue reports lets Bogner track the performance of her campaigns easily and accurately.

The results

Abbey Beach has generated a monthly ROI average of 156X with Revinate Marketing due in large part to segmentation.

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