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“I am very excited about Revinate’s sentiment analysis reports. Being able to review centralized customer feedback, identify what areas we need to improve on, and re-think new operational procedures will make us even stronger than we are today.”

Facundo Olivia, Online Marketing


Fen Hoteles, a Latin American hotel franchising and management company, is one of the region’s premiere hotel business developers and managers. With a portfolio of managed hotels, Fen Hoteles has two differentiated brands: Esplendor and Dazzler. While Esplendor properties promise a unique boutique hotel experience that is characterized by innovative and sophisticated style, Dazzler hotels offer a comfortable four-star experience catering to a wide array of guest preferences. What is consistent for both hotel chains managed by Fen Hoteles is a high quality product that offers exceptional value at the respective price points.

With such a solid foundation in the market, why the need for Revinate? Facundo Oliva, who oversees the portfolio’s online marketing initiatives, explains, saying, “With a portfolio of seventeen hotels and resorts to look after, I needed a time-saving online reputation solution that could keep all of our reviews and online content in one centralized place.” Given the portfolio’s geographical diversity – with hotels in Argentina, Uruguay, Panama and Paraguay – Oliva admitted that “it was time to optimize” the way the company digested and interpreted all of the user-generated and social content about their hotels across the web.