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Goodbye Messy Guest Data. Hello Advanced Profile Synthesis.

Guest data in your PMS is often not reliable, unorganized and plagued with duplicate or incomplete profiles. This can wreak havoc when trying to interpret and make decisions on everything from who your loyal guests are to who you’re marketing to in key segments.

Traditional methods of cleaning data are tedious, manual, and hindered by basic merge logic that requires perfect scenarios to deliver modest results.

Goodbye Messy Guest Data

Hello Advanced Profile Synthesis

Most hotels face the same problem


Integrating with your guest data source

You’re aware of the problem: PMS data is not reliable. In fact, it’s dirty and inconsistent, making it difficult to have a proper 360-degree view of your guests. At Revinate, we talk (a lot) about the importance of having clean guest data in order to create incredible experiences that inspire and drive revenue, but we recognize how difficult it is to achieve this if the problem of bad data isn’t solved first. So, that’s exactly what we set out to do. And we succeeded.


Cleaning and preparing your data

Your data exists in different formats, which is why your PMS has a hard time understanding when two profiles are the same person. We strip away all formatting and cleanse your data so that our AI can read it before merging duplicate profiles. Modeling the data for processing is important as it provides structure and consistency, which helps improve the speed at which we can continually cleanse your database.


Superior matching and merging

Revinate's technology is not hindered by traditional merge logic; it doesn't depend on exact matches of data fields. Our AI looks at all of the data in a profile holistically and is able to distinguish between valuable data vs. junk data. It solves a plethora of problems, including typos, misaligned fields, faulty text, name changes, and masked OTA emails, among others. The result is superior profile matching capabilities unheard of in the hospitality industry, until now. Our processing power is unlike any other, allowing us to review millions and millions of profiles every 48 hours.


Take Action

Clean profile data gives you confidence about your database, targetable profiles, and guest insights, thus enabling a true view of your guests across all properties. With this information, you can craft highly personalized, tailored, and relevant marketing campaigns. WIth a clean database, you can understand how many guests are actually reachable and, therefore, marketable. You can also get a true sense of the loyalty of your guests. This data will help you make smarter decisions for your business that will lead to incredible guest experiences while generating and driving revenue.

Your PMS data is probably deceiving you

Getting clean data is seemingly impossible

Revinate’s approach continuously cleanses your database while intelligently solving for typos, misaligned fields, faulty text, name changes, masked OTA emails, and more. The end result is consistent and superior matching unlike any other in the industry today.

Clean data gives you confidence about your database size, targetable profiles, and guest insights. Inform and power better decisions and marketing campaigns with a true view of your guests across all properties.

Enter Machine Learning & AI

Reliable Data to Inform Decisions

Engineering the solution

Get a true view of your guests with the industry’s first Advanced Profile Synthesis, an AI and machine learning process that automatically and continuously cleanses, deduplicates, synthesizes, and merges guest profiles across all your hotels.

How Revinate's Advanced Profile Synthesis works

"We are so excited to launch Advanced Profile Synthesis. With this advancement to our Guest Data Platform, you can better understand your guests through a significantly higher merge rate of guest profiles using cutting edge machine learning techniques."

-Jason Standiford, Chief Technology Officer at Revinate

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Say goodbye to messy data

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