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How to meet and exceed privacy regulation standards in 2022

A guide to handling guest subscription status management and data protection.

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Beatrice Hahn, Customer Success Manager, EMEA Region, Revinate

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What you’ll learn

The pillars of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Learn what this means for your email marketing and how to keep your guest data secure.

The 4 types of subscription statuses for email marketing

Understand the 4 different types of subscription statuses and how they affect your marketing campaigns.

Data privacy rules that are critical for email marketers

Understand best practices for your email marketing campaigns.

Thursday, Oct. 13th

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Unlock Guest Data to Drive Marketing ROI

Anisha Yadav
VP, Customer Marketing at Revinate

Headshot of Cara Federici

Cara Federici
CEO and Founder, The Madison Melle Agency

Thursday, Sept. 29th

10:00 PDT
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