Benchmark data: APAC automated vs. one-time campaigns

Revinate benchmark 2023 APAC one-time campaign performance

Automated campaigns had higher open rates than one-time campaigns for all of APAC

There was a lot of variation in email marketing performance throughout APAC. Unlike with other regions, automated campaigns didn’t always outperform one-time campaigns. The most notable exceptions were Australia and New Zealand.

While the average open rates and click-through rates for automated campaigns were higher than for one-time campaigns in both Australia and New Zealand, the story was much different for conversion rates. New Zealand’s average conversion rate was 6% for one-time campaigns and 0.9% for automated campaigns.

How can APAC hoteliers improve their conversion rates? It starts with creating targeted messages that are intended for specific audience segments. You can also ensure stronger results by reviewing performance to see what worked well in the past. There’s no need to take a risk with a new Lunar New Year campaign if last year’s email knocked it out of the park.

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