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Bridging the Gap: Across Your Property, Your Organization, & Your Tech Stack

In Case You Missed NAVIGATE 2022…

You can catch the session, “Bridging the Gap: Across Your Property, Your Organization, & Your Technology”, here!

We recently met up in South Carolina for our annual users’ conference, NAVIGATE 2022. During this two-day educational and interactive time, we featured a panel that discussed, among other things, utilizing your tech stack across all aspects of your organization.  Our panelists, Lee Rekas, VP Sales & Marketing at FOB Asset Management, Aditi Verma, VP of Revenue Mgmt at Northview Hotels & Resorts, and GB Sharma, EVP Revenue & Distribution at EOS Hospitality shared their insights on breaking through hotel technology barriers, the booking journey, and their technology of choice. 

See a demo of Revinate products featured at NAVIGATE 2022.

What You Will See Here

Balancing Tools Among All Personas of the Guest

Communicating the Tech Stack Framework to Your Team

Determining the Reliability of Your Current Products


Balancing Tools Among All Personas of the Guest

According to Hotel Tech Report, hotels are using an average of 20 systems. For the guest experience, the tech stack directly translates to the guest journey and interactions. With the challenges experienced today, systems must be combined or connected to “bridge the gap”. 

Guest messaging remains the top technology of choice, with 35% of hotels planning to add or upgrade upgrading their software, reported by the AHLA for 2022. Customers are benefitting from texting-based communication among guests to build a richer guest profile from information gathered via pre-arrival check-in, during the stay, and check out. Thus, “balancing the guest persona” translates to the tech stack, which translates to the guest journey. Now you can see why 34% of hotels are upgrading CRM and loyalty database software to match their reliability on quality data and make it actionable.

Part of accumulating that data starts with identifying what your tech stack looks like and who is responsible for managing its functionality. From PMS to CMS, to marketing, to the call center, to the messaging system, and even housekeeping; all should be unified to deliver at each stage of the guest journey. The marketing software should be performing at the inspiration phase through email and your website so that PMS can shine at the booking stage, while CRM enriches with pre and post-stay surveys to turn these guests into loyal patrons.


Communicating the Tech Stack Framework to Your Team

With various systems stretching across multiple departments, your team must comprehend how the tech stack works together. Answering the question of who has the primary role in managing these systems and how they integrate, helps reassure staff that their efforts are linked between departments. For example, the marketing system is uncovering abandoned guests to hand over to sales to get the guest back in the funnel for a future booking. Be sure to reinforce the connection between systems in those departments as you review insights, MQLS, SQLS, guest data, and survey responses, and share those metrics with your team. 


Determining the Reliability of Your Current Products

A common theme among all of the panelists was the reliance on reporting to determine the success of their tech stack to actively monitor the guest journey. But what if one of your products is lacking? What Revinate customers realized is that a domino effect occurs when your technology is, for example, successful in achieving results for the inspiration and booking phase, but is lacking pre-arrival and on-property support, which can lead to gnarly post-stay results.

Part of the solution to “bridging the gap” is to cut out what’s not working, as this ultimately impacts guest communication and instills harmony and efficiency within your staff so that they can make key decisions. This conversation revealed an explicit need to create a reporting portfolio to track the lifetime value of the guest, target offers, and analyze call volume. Automation is key for simplifying this process as managing system integration determines cohesion across all of your properties. 

Found an unreliable system? No need to waste time and labor on testing new products, inconvenient switching costs, and integrations when you can experience the seamlessness of Revinate solutions. 

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