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Hotel On-Site Feedback

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This is an excerpt of our free Definitive Guide to Guest Feedback for Hoteliers. CLICK HERE to download the full guide.

Paper comment cards, digital surveys, and staff notes are forms of feedback collection that are currently available to hoteliers. On-site feedback systems are an excellent complement post-stay solutions because they collect feedback while the guest is still on property. This gives hoteliers the opportunity to enact service recovery should the guest report a problem.

Comment Cards

Paper comment cards have long been a mainstay of the hospitality industry. They’re inexpensive and they can be placed almost anywhere on property for maximum feedback collection. Because they’ve been around for so long, they’re also extremely recognizable and user-friendly. Unfortunately with the advent of digital technology and online review sites, paper comment cards are losing efficacy as guests have less patience for them and are less likely to fill them out.

Digital On-Site Surveys

Many hospitality establishments are choosing to invest in digital on-site solutions. These have several advantages over paper surveys and comment cards, especially if they include a review-style comment field.

1. Save time

With text analysis software that automatically analyzes guest responses, hoteliers can instantly get a picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the hotel. They no longer have to manually read and analyze the information, saving managers hours of work.

2. Real-time service recovery

One of the great features of digital surveys is they often come with an alert system, to notify hoteliers when a guest makes a negative comment on the survey system. After all, the major advantage of having on-site feedback is so that issues can be resolved before the guest leaves the property. With comment cards or paper surveys, if you are unaware that you have a newly completed form, or if the guest’s contact information is not included or is illegible, it is impossible for hoteliers to follow up and make things right.

3. Analytics

Digital surveys produce intuitive and detailed reports that allow for filtering and segmentation. Hoteliers can quickly get information on specific operational aspects of the hotel. Not only this, but with the right digital surveys solution, the information is dynamic, meaning it updates automatically with every new survey completion.

4. Flexibility

To get the most out of your data, guest satisfaction surveys need to change from time to time. You’ll want the guest perspective on recent changes like improvements to wi-fi, elevator service, and special promotions. With digital surveys, it only takes a few clicks to change the whole survey.

5. Enable Users to Create Valuable Content

With digital surveys, hoteliers can submit guest comments to TripAdvisor. This improves your hotel’s online presence, its position on TripAdvisor, and as a result, can considerably boost your online bookings.

6. Environmentally Friendly

If you want your hotel to project an environmentally friendly image, you can avoid wasting paper by using digital surveys. Consider the values you want your hotel to project.

Staff Notes

Many hotels have systems in place that encourage staff members to record interactions with guests in order to capture guest feedback and preferences. If this system is easily accessible by all staff members, this is a great way to get to know your guests. You can learn more about individual guest preferences over time, and eventually anticipate their needs to surprise and delight them.

Overall, comment cards and staff interactions are simple ways to get immediate guest feedback. But, to save time and get a greater volume of data out of their on-site feedback, hoteliers should invest in a digital solution.

This is an excerpt of our free Definitive Guide to Guest Feedback for Hoteliers. CLICK HERE to download the full guide.

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