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Hotel Surveys Success Story: Petite Auberge and White Swan Inn

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With the ambience of an English country inn and a French provincial bed and breakfast respectively, the White Swan Inn and Petite Auberge are two charming, intimate properties in the heart of San Francisco’s Nob Hill. Each has 26 rooms, and has developed an excellent reputation for highly personalized service. General Manager Rebecca Levy says, “Every little bit of service makes a huge difference. We’re really fortunate to have a loyal customer base.”

Goal: Get More Guest Feedback

The properties’ dedication to service is reflected in their online review ratings. In 2013, both properties consistently outpaced the competitive set average rating.

“We were receiving really great feedback from the loyal guests who did write reviews for us,” says Levy. “But we weren’t seeing the volume or frequency of reviews we needed to rise further up in the rankings.”

The volume and recency of good reviews are two of key factors in the TripAdvisor popularity index. A property’s ranking is one of the determining factors for guests when booking. Without enough review volume, smaller properties can end up receiving lower rankings.

Levy says, “We were relying on hand-written survey questions and one-off email invitations.” She and her teams decided to turn to Revinate Post-Stay Surveys, to not only get more feedback from guests, but to get better data on that feedback.

Solution: Revinate Post-Stay Surveys

Once they started using Revinate Surveys, Levy and her teams quickly realized that they were reaching an audience that wanted to share but just needed a reminder to do so.

With Revinate Surveys, both hotels have improved their review volume. In 2013, the White Swan Inn captured 41% more reviews than in 2012. Petite Auberge received 74% more reviews. In addition, Revinate Surveys review scores have proven more positive on average than the reviews they received organically through third party OTAs and TripAdvisor.

With these great results, Levy and her teams decided to turn on a feature in Revinate Surveys that automatically submitted their reviews to TripAdvisor for publication. This way, the higher-scoring reviews they received as a result of using Revinate Surveys would be public for prospective guests to see.
With reviews submitted to TripAdvisor, it took just two months for Petite Auberge to rise from #56 to #42 on the TripAdvisor popularity index. In the same time, the White Swan Inn jumped two critical spots into the Top 15 in the market.

Since the time of Revinate’s interview with Rebecca Levy, both properties have risen even higher. Petite Auberge currently holds a TripAdvisor ranking of #29 in the market, and the White Swan Inn is #11.

Additional Benefits

Revinate Surveys have enabled more than an increase in review volume.

“The feedback we’ve received has validated the renovations projects that we’ve done,” says Levy. She’s also been able to identify future changes for her properties, based on real feedback data trends.

Revinate Surveys have also provided a way to establish specific incentives programs to reward colleagues mentioned in reviews.

“With guest service, sometimes it’s hard to see the direct connection to exceptional service,” says Levy. But now, “The changes that we’ve seen on property have encouraged a great sense of morale among colleagues.”

The White Swan Inn and Petite Auberge look forward to further insight gained from Revinate Surveys. With this new data, they hope to continue to rise to the top of the TripAdvisor ranks.

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