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Revinate Success Story: Aston Kuta Hotel & Residence

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The Aston Kuta Hotel & Residence is an expansive, four-star hotel and condo located in Bali, Indonesia. With more than 200 rooms and lots of meeting space, the property caters to both the business and leisure traveler. Marketing Communications Officer, Icha Annisa, comments, “Our close proximity to both the Ngurah Rai International airport and renowned Kuta Beach makes us appealing to both audiences. We certainly have a varied customer base.”

The diversity of guest profiles makes it more difficult for the hotel to understand and implement customer feedback. Annisa and her team were drawn to Revinate to help efficiently tackle this challenge. She says, “In the past, we would spend – at both the corporate and property-level – hours each day checking each and every social media and online review site before tending to our other main responsibilities as marketers and e-commerce professionals. Now that we’re using Revinate, we’re able to monitor our online reputation in less than half the time with confidence that we are seeing every mention.”

Revinate’s sentiment analysis reporting has been equally valuable. With more time at her disposal, Annisa is able to evaluate, based on analyzed customer feedback, which competitors are outperforming her property and what specific areas the hotel need to improve. She explains, “Revinate has made us extra mindful of all feedback, whether it is negative or positive. The software has made us operationally better, in terms of service levels and our ability to accommodate our guests’ precise needs.”

The hotel’s online review scores support this assertion. Since 2012, the number of TripAdvisor reviewers who would recommend the hotel has risen by 7%. Last year, the property was the highest ranked hotel on TripAdvisor in its competitive set. In 2013, the hotel’s average cleanliness and rooms review rating scores exceeded the competitive set’s averages. Finally, general staff attitude and room cleanliness sentiment scores were higher than the competitive set average.

The improvements related to staff attitude in particular do not surprise Annisa. She attributes these scores to the reputation management awareness that Revinate has helped to initiate. The Marketing Communications officer explains, “We strongly advise all Head-Of-Department colleagues to regularly check Revinate so they can immediately take action and inform their team members of all guest comments. We’ve seen back-of-house departments, from engineering to food and beverage to housekeeping, benefit tremendously from this practice.”

With department-specific data to rely on, the hotel has been able to operationalize the practice of responding to guest feedback, with complaints now identified and addressed immediately. For example, the hotel revisited specific guest feedback about the hotel’s breakfast buffet when creating the new traditional breakfast menu that introduced Indonesia’s culture to hotel guests.

This all-colleague commitment to online reputation is also reflected in how often the property publicly responds to online reviews. This year, the hotel has responded to more than 60% of all reviews received and nearly 90% of TripAdvisor reviews. This number is nearly 10x higher than the amount responded to in 2012. Why the drastic increase? Annisa says it’s simple: “Since we’ve started using Revinate, we’ve been able to do so much more with online feedback than ever before. We can determine which departments are performing well, identify issues efficiently, make the necessary improvements, and communicate all of this with the public more often. It’s all a very streamlined process.”

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