5 responses to “Social Media Comes of Age”

  1. I won’t say what I really want to say because I don’t think an author should moderate a response to his own observations.
    Right now social media in the travel space is nothing short of a complete waste of time and marketing resources, and the Facebook investors seem to be leaning the same way.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Robert. Would love to know what you’ve tried in Social Media that you didn’t feel warranted the resources. Twitter? Facebook? Online review response? Thanks for any insight.

  3. From an analytics perspective, brands can also look at attributes that consumers consider important v/s what the hotel considers important. Since the medium is customer led, it is also important to understand aspects that matter to the customer.

  4. Very informative and analyzed article! Social media is definitely shaping the business, the way we interact with customers and brand building.
    Social sharing and social analytics are two very important aspects that not only spread the word but also defines marketing & business strategies. There are few startups like LoginRadius that have been making the whole social media integration super easy, cost effective and growth driven. I am sure, there are only few businesses are utilizing the power of social media; and lots more to start using it.

  5. Informative article!. Social media is the platform that connects the business marketers with the customers. It helps in better shaping of the business by knowing the requirements of the customers through effective interaction.

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