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How Revinate helped Level Hotels & Furnished Suites’ marketing team become a data-first organization


SOLUTIONS USED: Revinate Marketing, Revinate Guest Feedback

REGION: North America


Drive direct bookings.


Leverage first-party data.


Generating 900+ room nights per marketing campaign

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Meet the customer

“Before Revinate, our data was messy, hard to work with, and provided no insights. Today, thanks to Revinate, we not only leverage data to drive bookings, but also to improve the guest experience on property.”

Kate Francois
CHDM, Director of Hospitality Marketing at Onni Group of Companies

The brand

Level Hotels & Furnished Suites offers a unique stay experience that seamlessly blends furnished apartment rentals with a serviced hotel experience. Their properties, located in Chicago, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Vancouver, feature luxuriously spacious apartment-style suites with full kitchens, in-suite laundry, and flexible living areas — plus a collection of resort-inspired lifestyle amenities. A space for guests to discover their personal sanctuary in the city, Level invites you to settle in for as long as you like, and stay level — with the comforts of home and all the thrill of travel.

Level Hotels & Furnished Suites locations are designed, built, owned, and operated by Onni Group, an award-winning family business based in Vancouver, Canada, who, for over half a century, has been building and growing communities in which people can live, work, and play.

The challenge

Despite knowing that a successful marketing program hinged on guest data, their technology stack held back the marketing team at Level Hotels & Furnished Suites from reaching their goals. To send out marketing campaigns, they needed to manually upload PMS data into their real estate-focused CRM, which didn’t offer segmentation functionality. As a result, the campaigns were onerous to put together and lacked personalization. The tool also lacked the reporting capabilities to understand engagement, loyalty, or results.

The group’s on-property staff also needed hospitality technology beyond the PMS to meet guest expectations and improve their experiences. Their extended-stay guests craved mobile, seamless experiences, but Level didn’t yet have the technology solutions to support them.

The solution

In order to become a data-first marketing organization, in September 2021, Level Hotels & Furnished Suites became a Revinate customer. Kate shares, “By partnering with Revinate, we streamlined our technology stack and fulfilled our goal of being able to easily access and use guest data in our marketing efforts to drive direct revenue and in our properties to drive loyalty.”

The small, Vancouver-based corporate marketing team leverages both one-time campaigns and automation in Revinate Marketing to encourage direct bookings. With a 59% open rate and 10% click-through rate, post-stay “We Miss You” campaigns drive the highest room revenue between Level Seattle, LA, and River North Chicago properties, capturing more than 1637 reservations.

With Revinate Marketing’s segmentation features, the team is able to cross-promote properties and introduce guests of one hotel to other properties. A one-time campaign sent to the hotel’s email subscribers promoting a limited-time offer on hotel stays and announcing the opening of the hotel’s Seattle location, for example, drove more than 950 room nights.

On property, the hotels’ General Managers and Front Desk staff leverage Revinate’s Arrivals Report to recognize returning guests and personalize the guest experience. Because Revinate Guest Feedback data is accessible in the guest profile, staff can ensure that feedback from past reviews or surveys is used to guarantee a great stay.

The results

With Revinate powered by AWS, Level Hotels & Furnished Suites has transformed its marketing, going from generic to highly personalized. By leveraging segmentation in Revinate Marketing, email has become a leading direct booking channel, with email attribution triple what it was a year ago. With email health at 80%, Level Hotels & Furnished Suites can depend on email-only specials, which are efficient to create and send, to drive direct revenue. And, with Revinate’s in-depth reporting, the marketing team can understand engagement and optimize results, resulting in an average open rate of 29%.

Performance highlights include:

  • Average open rate: 42%
  • Average conversion rate: 3%

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