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The power of personalization: TPG Hotels & Resorts’ journey to marketing success


SOLUTIONS USED: Revinate Marketing, Revinate Guest Feedback

REGION: North America


Drive revenue with personalized, measurable marketing campaigns.


Incorporate segmentation and targeted personalization in marketing efforts.


Increased campaign effectiveness, clearer marketing ROI, and improved guest experiences.

Allie Singer Headshot

Meet the customer

“Revinate Marketing has been a game-changer for understanding our guests and engaging them in a personalized way.”

Allie Singer
Vice President, Marketing & Digital Strategy, TPG Hotels & Resorts

The brand

TPG Hotels, Resorts, & Marinas is a premier hotel management company, operating hotel properties throughout the United States at all chain scales. By combining decades of industry experience with world-class technology, TPG Hotels & Resorts brings the best solutions to drive profitability for its clients and their portfolios.

The challenge

TPG Hotels & Resorts recognized the need to capture detailed guest insights and data in a single technology platform. With improved visibility into guest histories, feedback, and behaviors, TPG could improve timely communications and enhance its already exceptional service and guest experiences.

Additionally, TPG recognized the importance of driving and tracking direct bookings in response to OTA growth. TPG sought to optimize campaigns, measure campaign ROI, and clearly articulate the value of marketing efforts to owners. Overall, TPG desired to further strengthen guest relationships and loyalty to boost direct bookings, revenue, and their competitive position.

The solution

A subset of TPG Hotels & Resorts, including properties like Mills Falls at the Lake and The Lofts at Downtown Salem, leverages Revinate to gain deep guest insights and drive personalized experiences, versus marketing to the masses.

These hotels now have access to rich and actionable guest data in a single location. Leveraging Revinate Marketing’s segmentation features, the team creates tailored messaging by traveler type, promoting the offers that are the most relevant to each guest. Thanks to this personalization, the hotels are seeing impressive campaign results, with email open rates at 30% and average room revenue at $23k per campaign.

In addition, Revinate’s out-of-the-box, automated workflows deliver consistent, timely communications, encourage direct bookings, and drive loyalty. The properties employ “We Miss You” campaigns, which have driven $82k in total direct revenue; Pre-Departure campaigns, which have driven $45K in total direct revenue; and OTA win-back campaigns, which have driven $18K in total direct revenue.

Allie Singer, VP Marketing & Digital Strategy, explains, “Automation has played a pivotal role in elevating guest interactions, encompassing emails, texts, surveys, and more. A streamlined approach results in a seamless and highly efficient guest experience, ultimately leading to increased satisfaction levels and, in turn, a higher likelihood of repeat bookings and guest loyalty.”

Finally, campaign tracking in Revinate Marketing provides data to optimize campaigns and prove marketing value. Of the reporting, Allie says, “Revinate gives us the opportunity to qualify and quantify our work, showing the need for investment in marketing with a clear ROI.”

The results

With Revinate Marketing, TPG Hotels & Resorts achieved the following results:

  • Increased direct bookings and revenues through personalized, timely booking communications.
  • Improved guest loyalty and experiences by optimizing every interaction.
  • Enhanced competitive edge by strengthening guest relationships.
  • Clear ROI reporting to guide marketing optimization.
  • Efficient workflows and elevated service levels via automation.
  • Valuable guest insights to tailor communications and offers.
  • Empowered teams to make data-driven decisions.
  • Increased guest feedback to improve service.

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