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How SCP Hotels leverages zero-party data from Revinate in demand generation campaigns to drive repeat bookings


SOLUTIONS USED: Revinate Marketing, Adoro Paid Search Marketing Automation Platform

REGION: North America


Increase efficiencies and return on advertising spend (ROAS).


Use advanced segmentation across all campaigns.


22:1 return on advertising spend (120% improvement).

Amanda Reuss Headshot

Meet the customer

“We were excited to see the positive impact of the Adoro Platform being used in collaboration with Revinate. We witnessed a remarkable 22:1 ROAS, marking an impressive 120% improvement in our demand generation campaigns. Adoro’s Platform was pivotal in our ability to re-engage past guests and drive direct revenue efficiently. This success story reaffirms our confidence in Adoro’s ability to deliver exceptional results, promising growth, and efficiency in our digital campaigns, and we look forward to where we can take this partnership in the future.

Thanks to the data in Revinate Marketing and our ability to easily access and action it through our hotel and brand platform, we were able to dramatically increase the efficiency of our digital campaigns to reengage with past guests and drive direct revenue.”

Amanda Reuss
Regional Director of Digital Marketing, SCP Hotels

The brands

Soul Community Planet (SCP) Hotels was born out of a vision to provide holistic hospitality experiences for individuals desiring to make positive choices for themselves, our communities, and the planet. SCP provides clean, fresh, energy-efficient, low-waste accommodations, fitness, and coworking. SCP supports a range of causes that align with its vision through its Every Stay Does Good program and by donating to causes that share its core values.

Adoro is a powerful AI performance marketing platform and management company with a vertical focused on the hotel industry. Adoro combines an AI geo-based marketing platform for Google Ads (Paid Search, Pmax, YouTube, Display, Retargeting) and Facebook Ads alongside veteran Google and Facebook growth experts to supercharge a brand’s ability to get more bookings, grow profitable revenue, and scale paid ads efficiently.

The challenge

With Revinate Marketing, SCP had a wealth of guest data, including detailed profiles of past guests with information on their demographics, booking history, and preferences. They knew this data could be invaluable in reengaging these high-value guests and driving repeat visits and direct bookings. So, SCP partnered with Adoro, leveraging their Paid Search Marketing Automation Platform to help them grow reach and improve ROAS of cross-channel marketing campaigns through advanced segmentation.

The solution

Leveraging the guest data in Revinate Marketing, SCP worked with Adoro to define appropriate segments, then exported the email addresses from the Salishan Coastal Lodge by SCP Hotels property database. They then uploaded this list as a first-party audience in Google Ads to enable precise retargeting of these high-intent guests.

With this valuable customer data in place, Adoro created separate search and display campaigns specifically targeted to this audience of previous visitors. This allowed them to optimize bids, ads, and landing pages to efficiently reengage these guests and drive repeat bookings.

Going a step further, Adoro further segmented Revinate’s guest data to divide the audience based on recency, frequency, and other attributes to build customized campaigns for each segment. For example, they created a high-intent campaign focused on guests who had visited in the past three months, enabling higher bids to those fresh previous visitors.

Adoro also leveraged Revinate’s guest preferences and demographic data to tailor dynamic ads for each audience, inserting custom text, images, and video into creatives to grab attention.

With the campaigns live, Adoro analyzed performance data by ad and audience segment in Google Ads. They meticulously optimized bids and creatives based on results, doubling down on the best-performing combinations of target segments, ads, and landing pages.

The results

This highly targeted, data-driven approach allowed Adoro to maximize the value of Salishan Coastal Lodge by SCP Hotel’s Revinate data, driving significantly higher ROAS by reengaging previous high-value visitors while keeping acquisition costs efficient. 

Campaign performance after audience match:

  • 22:1 ROAS (120% improvement)
  • $24 CAC (58% improvement)
  • 4.2% conversion rate (186% improvement)

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